Is it worth it?

I’ve been away far too long. I’m currently going through the insurmountable stress of moving to another country and the struggles that includes; shipping, packing (which requires a great deal of organization and planning), cleaning, selling furniture, working out the stuff with the rent people, you name it. It’s stressful. And when you go through something as stressful as this, you have to ask yourself- is it all worth it?

I think this question is relevant to our everyday lives. Let’s look at politics; recently our country has made some decisions that created other consequences that created an atmosphere that will be difficult for the American people. Now, I know I can get political on here because well, it is my blog, but not everyone is of the same mind. But I will say this, until our country increases revenues on the upper class, we aren’t going to get much better. So I ask Speaker Boehner, was it worth it? Apparently he got what he was looking for, or “98%” he says. Our country has gone down in credit rating, my taxes have increased, my student loans have worsened regardless of what I’m paying every month, people are struggling and I assure you, we didn’t get 98% of what we want. But I digress. 

Currently, there is rioting in London and people are losing their frickin’ minds. Now it is one thing to protest the alleged wrongful death of a citizen, it is another to riot and burn down your city. Is it worth it?

I have friends who have been damn near impossible to communicate with, and not for the lack of trying. I put myself out there, and in the end, I’ve been coming back empty-handed and friendless. I’ve been made to feel guilty about my love life, my success or lack of it sometimes, my job choices, my “irresponsibility”, my money, my life….. and I’m not sure if it is self-dislike or jealousy, but either way, it hurts. And I have to cut them out of my life, and that includes some of my so-called family. When you are loved by someone, you don’t mind losing the people who don’t love you, don’t care about you, don’t even like you. People need to look at themselves more in the mirror and ask some serious questions like- is it worth it?

Moving to another country, uprooting my nearly non-existent roots, learning a new language and preparing for unemployment is scary. It’s like a fresh new puzzle only I don’t have all the pieces yet. Terrifying, yet requiring a bit of faith. Is it worth it? I’m in love with someone who makes my life better than it ever has been. I know who I’d be without him and that person would be ok, but this person I am now is much better than ok because of him. So is it worth it? Yes, because he is worth it. And how many people can you say that about in your life and actually mean it?


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2 Responses to Is it worth it?

  1. Laura says:

    Please don’t let people get you down. You are able to and do make the right decisions because they are yours. It is your life. You get to make the call on what is best for you. In my humble opinion, I think you are AWESOME. Moving to another country for love is admirable. Keep it up! You’re going to be fine. Stay positive and in love and all your story will continue to …happily ever after… 🙂 Love you!

  2. G. Moore says:

    I did that, moved to the US from Canada for love 3 years ago, and we’ve been married now for those 3 years, and my life couldn’t be better.So, was it worth it? For me, YES.

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