It Really Isn’t Complicated

I’ve been told so many times that love is a complicated thing that constantly needs work and communication to grow, and that simplifying these feelings could inevitably be their downfall. But I don’t believe that, and nor should anyone else. Love is not complicated, and love is the basis of the most important relationships in your life. Love is easy; you either do or you don’t, you have the possibility or the inability. Make up your mind!

I can say that honestly, love has never been tough for me. Entering into a relationship where my other half is an ocean (and a few countries) apart, has a completely different culture, never expected to be with someone like me….. that is tough but it’s not complicated.  I could have been with someone else, someone close by, someone American and black, but then I would have never known this amazing great guy that I want to spend my life with. And that guy loves me, regardless of all these obstacles in our way. He could have chosen any other girl in the world and he still chose me. It was never complicated.

Complicated is the lazy person’s way of saying difficult or dysfunctional. Yes, there are difficulties, and sometimes you have to question if it is all worth it, but for me, the answer was always an uncomplicated yes. When one chapter of your life ends poorly, another chapter begins in an unexpectedly hopeful way. My story is very long already and I’m only in the first 1/3rd now, but I have the choice of making it powerful and fantastic, or lame and depressing. Which would you choose? To make it difficult and miserable because you told yourself it’s too complicated to be easy and happy, or to just give all you have and go with the best attitude you can muster? I hope you choose the latter because it’s the choice I made, and so far, the best choice I’ve made in life.

So no, love isn’t complicated- the world is and love just makes it a whole lot simpler.

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One Response to It Really Isn’t Complicated

  1. Diana says:

    I’m so happy that everything is working out for you two 🙂
    I think everyone has a habit of trying to make relationships in life more complicated than they really need be.

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