Friendship and Burning Bridges

The last few weeks have been literally eye-opening; first of all I’m sleeping more which means I can be more attentive, and for another, it’s the time when people who have been hibernating all winter come forth to be “friends” again. And let me tell you now, prepare yourself for my new rule in life (and the German will not like this because he is all about harmony); if you ignore me when I message you, if you are too busy to write, call, Facebook message, tweet at me, ask me how I’m doing….. then I most likely don’t consider you my friend and your bridge to me has been burned.

Everyone is on notice starting now, if I make the effort and the effort is not returned in a timely manner, consider your bridge not only burned but most likely, irreparable. I will not apologize for this. In the last year I have been making some amazing strives which I do recall writing about on this here blog that I would be less flakey, more caring and crap. Well I held up my end of the bargain, so my feelings should come as no surprise.

I’ve lost significant pieces of my life- family, friends, home, money, pride, happiness…. so I’m trying to create a new life full of love, new family, new and old friends, success that isn’t always measured in money, pride in being a good person, and happiness from all these new things. That is how a person survives, adapt or be miserable. And I’m not one for sinking into misery.

Despite my sometimes massive sometimes insignificant issues, I’m trying. And this summer is the last I will have in NYC, the US, for a possibly long time so I want to have fun and not think about my losses, the people who have hurt my feelings, couldn’t make it to the important events in my life, couldn’t find the time to say hello, couldn’t find the time to respond or to even care. I may not be the best person in the world, or even a great friend sometimes, but I always care make no mistake of that.

There will be enough bridges burning in the immediate future, so now it’s time to live with that, enjoy the summer, build new bridges and maintain the long- standing ones. You know there is a saying that it is hard in life to know which bridge to cross and which bridge to burn, but now I believe that if you burn a bridge it is best to hope that the light well help you build another.

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2 Responses to Friendship and Burning Bridges

  1. **Jen** says:

    It’s all a part of growing up. You realize who you want to surround yourself with (be it in person or from thousands of miles away). At the same time you realize that life happens. But true friends will always find a way to be in touch, even with just a quick ‘Hi’.

  2. Diana says:

    Last summer in the US? Does this mean you might be moving to Germany 😉 ?

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