10 Signs You Are in Love

I was reading this article the other day about foods to make with kids that are picky, because you know, I love my work, when I caught this link at the bottom titled: 10 Signs He’s in Love With You. So naturally I read it, and thought about if the LoML shows these “signs.” Because that is what women do.

I was reading this and I was feeling pretty bored with it. You could learn all these things from movies and from actually spending time with your dude. But what about these awesome scientific signs that someone is in love with you, or rather you are in love with someone? I think it’s time I write my own signs for how you know you really love and want to be with someone. And this will not be some fluff piece unlike that stupid article. Mine will be scientific and sound. Please note the previous sarcasm.

1. You don’t want to punch them in the face when they burp right by your ear while you are watching the final episode of Top Chef. You just shrug it off. Before this would incense you to an overly irate state of violence. But now, eh, who cares?

2. You pick up their clothes on the floor, you fold it up, and put it away and you still hum this little cleaning tune in your head. Like this is a normal activity. Before you would simply throw their stuff out of the window.

3. When they grab their fork and stick it into your food, you don’t get mad that they didn’t ask and that they are eating your first and only meal of the day. No. You actually care that they are eating and you might even want to know their opinion of the myriad of flavors cascading through their senses in every bite.

4. You are never too tired to kick their ass at Wii Bowling, even if you have been at work all day and possibly rescued a puppy from a burning building.

5. On the same note, you are never too tired to perform certain things like…. back massages.

6. Even at night in your wildest dreams of being a rockstar or a badass zombie killer, he/she is there and you love them. Just to clarify, in your dreams you could be with Edgar Ramirez, but instead you are still with them. Your reality is also your fantasy. That’s frickin’ love.

7. When they are upset, you want to help in any way you can. No matter what sacrifices you have to make, no matter how much of an ass you need to make of yourself. You want them to be happy, because their happiness gives you happiness. Which is lame but true.

8. You are willing to share your chocolate bar with them. Maybe this isn’t a big deal for some people, but if I share my chocolate bar with someone, I really, really care about them.

9. Unlike with some people you see that make you hum the Darth Vader Imperial March, when you see him/her you get this warm fuzzy feeling and you have to smile.

10. You feel like you’ve won the lottery, because by some divine intervention, you have met the person you are going to (hopefully) spend your life with, and probably you shouldn’t push it by wanting to be rich and famous next. And that’s ok.

That is all.

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  1. Ntombifuthi says:

    hi to love is good

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