My Random Hate List

I was walking down the street in my sinus-infection-too-much-stress induced haze, when I thought about the things in life that I really, unjustifiably despise. I wish it were just peas, but nope, it’s so much more than that. Which is why I decided to share this with you.

My Random Hate List:

1. Jennifer Aniston. Yeah I said it, I just don’t like her. I’m sorry J-An fans.

2. Being late.

3. I hate that sugary sweets will never be good for you. I HATE THAT!

4. Creamed corn.

5. People posing in every picture with a peace sign.

6. When you repeatedly keep dropping your keys while trying to open the door.

7. How every girl on Vampire Diaries loves Stephen even though Damon is way cuter and definitely could use the lovin’.

8. People who stand/sit/ just physically are too close to me. I may never know you, but I hate you for intruding on my space.

9. People who keep calling you and don’t leave a message so you don’t know what they want but you don’t want to call them or answer because you just mentally don’t want to “deal” with them.

10. When people think it’s funny to slam someone’s head into a cake or have a food fight. Food ain’t cheap and someone worked on making it! This also goes for people who throw away food, or refuse to learn to cook food.

11. These movies: Dirty Dancing, Grease, American History X, the fourth Indiana Jones movie,  Avatar, and High School Musical.

12. The African-American Literature section at bookstores. We went through a whole Civil Rights movement to get integrated, can we please integrate our books?

13. Westboro Baptist Church. No one, let me repeat that, NO ONE deserves to have their funeral picketed.  Morgan Freeman doesn’t care about such things like gay marriage or transgendered people, if he did, he would not have created them that way. How many people have to be born different and chastised before idiots realize that if God creates all people, he created them to be how they want to be. But I’m pretty sure MF aka God does care about disrespect or not accepting differences among many things, so you better watch out Westboro Baptist Church.

14. I hate that after a week of intense exercise, you don’t really see a difference. Yes, I know things take time, but wouldn’t it be great that if you vehemently work out and eat properly, you should look the way you want to look?

15. I hate that shopping is so unbelievably hard when you have a very curvy body. And no I’m not saying that as a fat person, because I think I’ve surpassed those days. I’m saying this as a size 12 hourglass figure who cannot find jeans tight enough at the waist that fit over my thighs. Can you please make clothes for all shapes please? Thank you.

16. Just in case you forgot: peas.

See you next time.

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5 Responses to My Random Hate List

  1. **Jen** says:

    Random: I was just thinking of blogging about this… once I can figure out how to do it from my phone. It’s like a spring cleaning of the mind.

    But it feels great to just get it out, doesn’t it?

  2. Diana says:

    Have you ever noticed that it’s always when you’re in a hurry to get somewhere that you keep dropping your keys? That drives me crazy.

    I totally feel you on shopping for jeans. I haven’t even tried for the past several months. I have one pair that I thrifted that fits okay when I first put them on, but for some reason, they always start to get baggy after wearing them for a day.

  3. Jenn says:

    You made me laugh out loud that Jen Aninston is number one, that is just great! The jeans thing is never good. I have a terrible time with that. GAP curvy and Ann Taylor LOFT curvy fit use to be great but not sure if they are still cut the same way.

  4. nicole says:

    OMG!! I totally LOVE Damon way more than stephan!!! I will totally give him some loving.. hahha… and i totally agree with the intergation of books! haha 🙂

  5. G. Moore says:

    If the Haters club, aka Westboro nut jobs have a right guaranteed by the Consitution, we should have a right to reply, with baseball bats, and swings like hitting that first fly ball of spring training.

    Invading my personal space? If anyone does that, I tell them to get out of my personal space..diplomatically, of course.

    Food fights, and cake fights, not funny, and very wasteful.

    I’d rather be an hour early, than 5 minutes late, I HATE lateness.

    And my wife agrees 100 percent with shopping for clothes with a curvy figure!

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