Observations/Fallacies/Questionable Statements

Have you ever watched someone do something and thought- what the hell are they doing? Who is that and how do they survive life? And then you think, oh stop being mean, they probably have a real nice personality. And then they start talking and you think, nope.

I’m always fascinated by watching other people, not only can you learn from it, but you can always be entertained. So here is a list of my observations/fallacies/ and rather questionable statements that have no evidentiary support. Why? Because why not?

Observations/Fallacies/Questionable Statements and whatever comes to my mind:

1. Despite what you learned from Ratatouille, not everyone can cook. Some people should stay away from kitchens in general. Yes, I’m saying some people just suck. 

2. Google and Wikipedia do not have all the answers.

3. There are things in life that befuddle me; where I am once I get off the subway, why it snows, Lindsay Lohan being alive, furless cats, Southerners, cotton candy (why do people like that?), how Sarah Palin became a VP nominee and how she is still popular, and importantly, people who don’t like chocolate.

4.  Not all pizza is created equal, as Caroline told me. A homeless man in NYC with a toaster oven could make a better pizza than a homeless with a toaster oven in LA. Not that you should eat either of those…

5. Some men just love bitchy women. And they have children, who in turn, will become bitchy. That is why the world is slowly becoming populated by more and more bitchy people. This is also the same for stupidity.

6. Those electronic readers are cool and all, but nothing beats turning a page and continuing a story the old-fashioned way. Plus, you can always beat someone up with it like Matt Damon did as Jason Bourne.

7. Texting is still writing and should still have correct spelling, grammar, punctuation…… I’m not kidding. Thas is not that’s, ur is not your or you are, and stop abbreviating things! It’s freaking annoying.

8. Not all women wear thongs. I know this might be shocking to some men, but guys come on, they are tiny, little strings. They don’t offer warmth and they aren’t really necessary.

9. Where the hell is Whitey Bulger?

10. TLC has way too many shows about little people. Look, I know little people are people too, but come on, why is there a show about little people who make chocolates? I know in Harry Potter, little people (aka goblins) are quite scary and powerful but no one gets actual little people confused with goblins. We know they are just like everyone else. So cut it out TLC, you are exploiting these folk!

11. This is the last one. The best way to spend time is with someone you love, eating warm cookies with milk, laughing, and basking in all the reasons you love this person. It shouldn’t happen every night, but it’s nice every once in a while, and plus you can kick their ass at Wii Resort bowling and scream BOOYAH in their face. Hopefully they’ll still love you after that.


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3 Responses to Observations/Fallacies/Questionable Statements

  1. Darrah says:

    People watching is terribly interesting. Though I do sometimes feel as like I am imposing in their lives when i watch them. Observing others is like opening a window into their lives and for a moment glancing what it is to be them.

    On another note, cotton candy is just awesome. The sweetness of it is hard to duplicate. It brings wonderful memories of summer nigths at the county fair. But as in all things not everything is for everyone.

  2. nicole says:

    People watching is one of my favorite things to do!! and I’m sorry that I don’t like chocolate.. I hope you still love me and want to be my friend still.. And what is wrong with Pizza in LA?! Oh I just got a kindle and Im getting used to it..But still prefer a real “live” book! hehe 🙂

  3. Laura says:

    I agree with so many things! Cotton candy, however, is so yummy. No, I do not know why, but it is one point where I must disagree. People who dislike chocolate also mystify me. I cannot wrap my head around it. Texting is not something that I regularly do, but I totally agree with you! People really need to practice grammar and spelling. Mine is nothing to be praised, but at least I try! My husband (a fellow non-texter) doesn’t understand why people do not sign their messages! 🙂 Books are way better than those electronic things. Then I wouldn’t have stack and boxes and shelves. They have such great personalities that cannot be replaced with a screen. And whatever guy thought up thongs should be required to wear one at all times. Seriously. Fantastic post! I love it!

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