What I like about Christmas

Last week I listed my numerous offenses against the holiday season, and now that it is out of my system I feel it’s only right to tell you about all the things I like.  When it comes to the holidays, it’s about the only time I love snow and getting caught in it. I think it adds a little magic among all the bright lights, trees and music. I love carollers, and big winter coats and hats! I love that the holidays have the ability to bring people together-  even if they hate each other, because I’m happy with the idea of people coming together once a year to find joy in each other. Although I personally wouldn’t know anything about it, I really like the movies The Holiday, The Family Stone, Love Actually, and my favorite Christmas movie- A Christmas Carol with Patrick Stewart. These are all fine examples.

I like that this time of the year reminds you how grateful you are to have a roof over your head, warmth all around you, food on your table, people to love and who love you back, a job that pays you to do something you like to do, and an unlimited subway pass to get me to wherever I want to go. I also like that I get to think of all the things I want this Christmas and although I won’t get them, it’s nice to dream. Which is my very short list of reasonable things I would like this Christmas.

Allie’s Short and Reasonable Christmas List

1. I would like an airplane or a teleportation device. Or because I said I would be reasonable, a plane ticket. This would bring me to the one of the people I really, really love and want for Christmas.

2. I would like an unlimited supply of chocolate for the rest of my life! No explanation needed.

3. I would like a gigantic gift card to an awesome clothing store so I can finally wear clothes that aren’t going to fall off. Losing weight is cool but really unflattering when you don’t have the proper clothes. I kind of look like a bum quite often.

4. I would love a sexy red dress and when I walk into a room, I want to hear Lady in Red. I also want to go to a good holiday party where I can wear this dress, hear this song, eat yumtastic food, drink fabulous drinks, and schmooze with interesting people.

5. I would really like  it if all the people I love in the world could have a big ole’ sleepover party in my Harlem apartment and we could watch movies, eat, and just laugh. Because you (my dearest friends) are my family and that is what the holidays do best, bring family together.

So that’s all for now- I changed the timetable a bit. See you next time,


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4 Responses to What I like about Christmas

  1. erin says:


    I like your wish list. If you get the chocolate and airplane, let me know; i may hitch a ride with you over to Europe and eat some chocolate on the way.

    Also, I like that in your second paragraph, you say that you are grateful for having “people to love who love you back.” =)

    HAPPY holidays, Alechia!

  2. nicole says:

    LADY IN RRRRREEEDDDDEEDDD…IS DANCING WITH ME..CHEEK TO CHEEK!!!! hahahhahaha 🙂 and OMG I am SOO coming over for the HUGE SLEEPOVER!! how much fun would we have?!!!! it would be crazy faced bananas fun! xoxo

  3. Darrah says:

    Ok lets get that party scheduled! I’ll bring the champagne! I love carollers are well I wish that I got to see more of them. I would go out carolling but I don’t have anyone to go with, and it’s cold outside.

    If you wear a red dress to any party I am at I will get that song to play for you. Watch me it will happen.

    I miss you ladypants. I’m glad you are looking on the bright side and dreaming big. If you are going to dream why not make it big. You never know.

  4. Diana says:

    Love your wish list! I think every woman needs a good red dress. And a teleporter 🙂

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