I’m a deep and thoughtful person too!

If you read my last post, which I posted a few hours ago, I’m a deep and pensive person. And I am capable of having meaningful thoughts and expressing them! Although SOME people may think that these meaningful moments make me boring, I think they are almost necessary; I cannot be crazy all the time you know. I’m quite capable of being normal, which is why I decided to write about 5 other meaningful thoughts I had just today!

Allie’s 5 thoughtful thoughts of thinkingness that happened today-

1. In NYC most people have relatively small dogs and then once in a while you see someone with a gigantic dog. These people are either 1. flaunting their wealth, 2. they lack something in some part of their lives, or 3. they are trying to grow giant dog armies to take over the city.

2. Gossip Girl is a pretty intense show full of moral questions and interesting characters. But to make it more interesting, they should all get stuck in the projects of Harlem for an episode and then it will get really intense.

3. If we had flying cars, buildings would have to be built stronger. Can you imagine all the structural damage from one old woman who went out to get groceries because her no-good grandson wouldn’t take her, and the cat is in the car and tried to jump out the window causing her to try and save the cat but then knocking her glasses off and flying right into the library? And it’s not like she doesn’t have the right to drive with her cat, it’s just that the library needs to be physically ready to survive a flying car accident.

4. People on the bus are really angry in the morning. I wonder why? Are they not morning people, does no one love them? Do they hate their job? You know what makes me angry in the morning? I have to sit next to all these angry people who cut me in line for the bus and roll their eyes when someone sits next to them. It makes me really angry and then all of us are angry and this poor kid who is on his way to school just sits there smiling. You just want to say to him-hey kid, this is how it’s going to be when you grow up. Cut that smiling out. I don’t care if Jennifer in home room told Chrissie who told Mike who told you that you are hot and she wants to date you. Be angry damnit!

5. Man how lucky am I to have a really great guy in my life? I mean he’s really cute and smart and he seems to like me even when I have things stuck in my teeth or when I try to have intellectual conversations with him where I compare philosophy to an imaginary bird, but I forgot the point of the comparison because I get really bored when having intellectual conversations. Yup, I’m pretty lucky he hasn’t chucked me and he likes my craziness and my deep meaningful thoughts.


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3 Responses to I’m a deep and thoughtful person too!

  1. nicole says:

    LOL… hey kid be angry LOL.. so funny… hehe i needed to laugh today! super cute blog.. and yes you very lucky to have your LoML! 🙂

  2. Diana says:

    I can totally picture the flying car accident – this is why I should never drive a flying car – I am way too easily distracted, especially by cats.

  3. Jenn says:

    This had me laughing pretty hard! Thanks girly!

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