Stress: The Hope Killer

The last few months have been tumultuous and extremely emotional given the stress of said tumult. I have been searching for a second job but to no avail, and I’m struggling right out of college. I know times are tough and things will be better soon, but as my most personal posting yet, I’ve been losing focus and becoming more and more hopeless. But not everything in the last three months has been an absolute failure. And that’s what I will look at today, because it gives me hope that all goals can be reached, just in time.

So list of Hope

1. I may not have adequate furnishings, but I have enough pots and pans to cook a full 3 course meal!

2. I may not be able to afford superior groceries, but I’ve been eating more proper portions and much more healthy.

3. Since laundry can be done four blocks down the street, I now appreciate good clean underwear and NEVER take that for granted.

4. I have to walk through Times Square every night to work in Bryant Park, but I always pass the Condé Nast building. My dream job is inside that building!

5. I may not have a bed frame, but when I wake up on my air mattress every morning, I can see the sky through the curtains.

6. There are so many many flights of stairs in NYC, but my bottom is getting toned!

7. Since I cannot afford fun activities, I get to do exercise quite often in the convenience of my own home.

8. I’m a pastry chef again, a job I find to be stressful, but I proved everyone wrong who thought I walked away from the industry because I “don’t have what it takes.” Oh, I have what it takes alright!

9. My clothes are all too big and I look dumpy, but I officially lost 111 pounds!

10. Life may be a bit crazy and spinning out of control it seems, but I have an amazing boyfriend who makes life more bearable.

So that’s my list for now. And I will go back to struggling and hoping, and praying to Morgan Freeman. Is it weird that when I pray to him for the next train to be the B train so I won’t be late to work, it always is??? Morgan works in mysterious ways.


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7 Responses to Stress: The Hope Killer

  1. **Jen** says:

    Aww I loved this! It makes me happy that you’re seeing the bright side of life 🙂

    And you look amazing, I’m kind of jealous.

    Love & miss you!

  2. nicole says:

    look at you skinny minny! 111 pounds wow!!!! and you are an amazing pastry chef!!!!!!!!!! glad you are looking at the wonderful positives in your life!

  3. Laura says:

    I love that you’re looking at the positive side of life! 🙂 111 pounds! Crazy amazing! Congratulations! Who said you “didn’t have what it takes” ? They have no idea what they’re talking about. You rock! Where are you working? Yay for the boyfriend support too! Fantastic!!! Stay positive! 🙂

  4. Kristin says:

    I don’t mean to sound offending…lol….but where you using dirty underwear before! LOL!!

  5. Diana says:

    I’m glad you’re always able to see the positive things in life. You look amazing!

  6. Darrah says:

    RAH RAH RAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That was your cheering section. You are amazing and all the doubters will get there comeuppance in the end. Next your novel will get published and you will be one step closer to all your dreams coming true. No one can stop you keep on keeping on. 🙂

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