Life and the Pursuit of Chocolate/Cupcakes/Happiness

There are so many things to talk about, write about, think about and for the most part I do that here. But recently I’ve been inundated with concerns and events that make it especially difficult to find just one thing, one theme, to settle on and go with. So while I go about obtaining a job and making all of my ends meet, I’m keeping it short and sweet.

Life is interesting these days; in some respects it’s more than I could have imagined which is enthralling, but in others, it is too much more than I imagined which is overwhelming. But at a point in your life, you have to decide to go with the flow, stress but realize it’s temporary like all things. Although life can be so tough, full of struggling and little worries that expand into mind-boggling obsessions, there are still things I love about life. It’s all about finding the things in life that make you happy when you have many reasons to be sad.

Top 10 List of Things I Love About Life Recently

  1. Dancing when no one is around to songs you are embarrassed to tell people you like.
  2. Surprises; when a person does or says something very unexpected for a good reason. I tell people quite often that I don’t like them, but I only say that because I get anxious and I want to know everything.
  3. Watching uplifting movies where an incredibly nice woman exacts her revenge on all these terrible people that made her life hell at some point using incredulous means to see them suffer her wrath!
  4. Coming up with movies or plots that don’t exist that may be relevant to my life- see above.
  5. Exercising because I hate it. But actually if you are sad or mad, it knocks all of the energy out of you. So afterwards, it’s quite good.
  6. Getting free drinks at the bar- because that just rocks.
  7. Dreaming of cupcake flavors. For real.
  8. Realizing that you don’t need anyone in your life- sad but true. If you can enjoy your own company, and you work, who says you need friends or a significant other? There is something to be said about the joys of solitude.
  9. Writing makes me feel better. Thus I am writing this.
  10. And naturally, chocolate. As long as chocolate exists, I never feel too lonely.

I’m coming back I promise, things are still settling down. Finding a job is not fun, staying hopeful is hard, and I’m not taking anything for granted. Especially all of you.


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2 Responses to Life and the Pursuit of Chocolate/Cupcakes/Happiness

  1. Holly says:

    Luvvvvv #6 girl. WTG 🙂

  2. Diana says:

    I think this is inspiring me to take my new vintage muffin tins and bake chocolate cupcakes. Oh the power of suggestion!

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