The 25 Things Thing

I remember a while back when everyone did that 25 things About Me thing. I didn’t think I could write 25 things that were normal. This is my attempt (gavel sound of Law & Order: Duhn Duhn).

1. My sister told me once that if you eat a book, you become smarter. I ate The Night Before Christmas. It was actually tasty.

2. Being a bit of a loner as a child, I often thought trees were my friends (not in the hippie kind of way). I would sometimes tie little ribbons to them and sit by them, having full conversations. Later in life, I understood that this was crazy.

3. I have this perpetual need to throw away things. Like all kinds of things. I once threw away my mother’s wedding ring, that was also the day-

4. I found I’m quite excellent at garbage picking. Which worries me.

5. I like looking at random things online like- real estate in weird places, puppies and kittens for free, personal ads, jobs I would never apply for, and any random article about household cleaning.

6. I once came in 2nd place in a speed skating contest in a halloween costume when I was 12. Last time I tried to skate, I couldn’t keep my balance. How the hell did I do it back then?

7. I’m the person who laughs at inappropriate moments. And it’s usually because I’m not paying attention and I found something else to amuse myself. Case and point- Aunt Peggy’s funeral I was giggling while thinking about the movie Sister Act. There is unfortunately no connection except to say I was in a church and there may have been singing. And Whoopi makes me laugh.

8. I used to climb the one tree in our park right in the center of our neighborhood . I would sit up there for hours and people would say wow, Alechia is a very thoughtful young girl. What they didn’t know was that I could see what everyone was doing in their houses. Yes, I was that creepy. I really believed one of my neighbors murdered his wife. I never found the proof though.

9. I sometimes have to tell myself not to think about the movie The Sixth Sense before bed. I haven’t seen it in years, but it still scares me; I always imagine a Drill Sergeant ghost hovering over me while I sleep. Which I guess is weird because you never see that ghost in the movie.

10. I was particularly scared by the movie Chicken Run. I just cannot agree with talking chickens.

11. I had a crush on this guy once, and when he said in class “I want to be a food critic”, I thought it would be cool to say the same thing. Oddly I became a food critic.

12. My favorite snack foods- rainbow sherbet, cinnamon- raisin bread, chocolate, applesauce and dried cranberries. I was that weird kid growing up. Now I’m trendy.

13. The only reason you should ever want to watch a scary movie with me is if you want to be more entertained watching me freak out than actually watching the movie.

14. During my first kiss, I laughed at the guy because he kind of reminded me of a ninja turtle. Which apparently is a strange thought to have when you are about to have your first kiss.

15. I have just now realized that it’s harder than I thought to say 25 things.

16.  I’m a sucker for reality cooking shows. I get into them, I scream at the screen, I criticize everyone. And I don’t feel bad about it.

17. Whenever I’m really sad I listen to The Scientist by Coldplay. It just goes with my sadness. I guess normal people probably listen to happy music when they are sad. But I’m a brooder, I need more miserable music.

18.I secretly love macaroni and cheese, ice cream, and cheesecake although I’m lactose intolerant and it makes me incredibly ill. So I lay around in agony, dreaming of eating more of those tasty treats.

19. I have more accidents than most people ever should, and somehow I don’t get hurt too badly. I’m pretty sure I almost died 83-84 times. Thanks Morgan Freeman!

20. I’m a New Englander to the very core; and I don’t know why everyone thinks we are cold, stand-offish rude people. Honestly, we just keep it real.  We generally don’t like people, and perhaps we let that show from time to time. But isn’t that actually friendly to be so upfront about how we loathe you?

21. I used to ride my bike everywhere growing up, and I would narrate it as well. Like, “Alechia was riding her bike down the street when she stopped at the park. She put her bike against the side of the tree and climbed up quickly. There he was in his kitchen, chopping tomatoes. Did he kill her?”

22. The more I read these back to myself, the more I realize I’m crazier than I thought. And one question- why didn’t I have friends? Lame.

23. Whenever I’m really emotionally upset, I shout random things like- I”M A LEPER or MY NAME IS NOT PETER! Never approach me when I’m like this, unless you want to have a nonsensical conversation.

24. Sometimes if I haven’t heard from a person in a really long time, I think something must have happened to them. And then I contact them like crazy until I find out everything is ok. And then once I find that out- I go back to not talking to them.

25. OMG can you believe I’m at 25? I can’t. Yes, that is my 25th thing. Uneventful right? I guess I could say something profound or…… Na Na Na Naaaa, Na Na Na Naaaa, hey hey hey, goodbye…..

Until next time,


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8 Responses to The 25 Things Thing

  1. nicole says:

    soo does 24 mean.. you are gonna go back to not talking to me cuz you found out that im alive and ok?!

  2. nicole says:

    and yea chicken run is kinda creepy! lol

  3. erin says:

    also, you can do that super creepy voice. environmental.

  4. Laura says:

    MY NAME IS NOT PETER! Okay, I’m not talking to you anymore! 🙂

    Allie, you are fantastic! You always bring happiness into my life and, yes, you are crazy. You already knew that, though!
    Take care of yourself!

  5. Diana says:

    This had me laughing like crazy. I was a kind of loner as a child too – I held many full conversations with my stuffed animals 🙂

  6. Darrah says:

    You know your life in that tree sounds much like Hitchcock’s Rear Window. You just needed a Grace Kelly to investigate things for you.

  7. Lisa says:


    I also saw the Sixth Sense years ago (when if very first came out in theaters, actually) and I STILL leap into bed sometimes because I’m worried a little girl’s hand is going to grab my foot… or that I’ll be standing in the kitchen, turn around, and see all the cupboards and drawers are open. SO CREEPY!!!

  8. marcela says:

    Hey! You are so funny but I was wierd with you. You brought a lot of old memories back and come to think of it I remember the story about the neighbour and I believe he murdered his wife Don’t forget the funeral home and the creepy lawn we had to run across everyday after school. Funny, wierd, enjoyable, and memorable times. I miss them and you. hugs. =)

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