The Hopes of Many, the Worries of One

It’s an amazing time for sports with the World Cup, Wimbledon, the NBA Finals in June (cough cough I don’t want to talk about it), and I feel like MLB is always on. Apparently if you love football, that’s happening but who cares about football? I will swallow these words if the Patriots go far again and Brady doesn’t act like a tool. But the idea of national and international sports is provocative.

The best part of all these sporting events is the unity it creates in country and fans. For me, I have never been too interested in soccer, but with the World Cup being televised everywhere- I can get into it now and it actually is pretty cool. For us Americans, it was a good run. We rallied behind the US, people who knew nothing about the sport were going to watch the games as new fans. And now that USA is out, who says we have to stop watching and learning more? We need unity; during times like these: poor economy, volatile and often tumultuous politics, and a lot of little things that separate us, we need excuses to feel like we belong with each other. Especially since in a lot of ways it seems like we don’t need many excuses to split apart.

Thinking about the unity of strangers reminds me of the disbanding of friends, family, love. It’s never ideal but of course, for the sake of health and sanity, it can be a necessity. And that’s a sad but realistic thing. The German told me (something like this) that you cannot choose the family you are born with, but you can choose the family you spend your life with. I guess that lessens the blow of walking away from something that was prominent in your life….But look, things don’t always work out, THAT is the hardest lesson to learn from your troubles. No matter how much control you have- no matter how hard you can try, sometimes it just won’t work. Every important relationship in your life is like that; in your family, friends and love, you are going to lose someone, and it will be necessary. You can give more of yourself than you ever thought you had, you can spend so much time focusing on making things right, that when you look at the mirror at the end of the day, the person staring back might be a stranger. Anyone, ANYONE, who makes you less than what you are isn’t worth you.

The point is- we’ll survive these struggles and worries, because there is so much more in life to celebrate. You can celebrate being who you are, the fact that we can come together even if it is over something so jovial like Wimbledon or the World Cup, and that you can stand up for yourself when you don’t always know that you can or could. Stay connected, cheer for your team with perfect strangers, be united with those who haven’t tried to break you and leave the ones that do. Remember the hopes of many are greater than the worries of one, and it should ALWAYS be that way. Not everyone in your life will fit you and that may leave little wounds in your desires, expectations, and pride. But wounds heal.


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4 Responses to The Hopes of Many, the Worries of One

  1. Adrienne Dow-Sams says:

    Its sad that you think you have to cut people out of your life but I rather keep people at a distance because no matter how you think it helps you its still gonna hurt. When you have love for someone you can never truely cut them out instead you trick yourself in thinking that they dont matter to you. Like us for example very different not alike much at all and really dont see eye to eye most of the time but the love is there and it would hurt to completely cut eachother out, more damage than help. I love u little sister and i am always here.

  2. nicole says:

    What your sister said makes sense..I would prefer to keep someone at a distance then cut them out all together.. I have done that cut them out deal..and it still hurts none the less.. actually i think it hurts more.. and some wounds they don’t heal.. even after years..But I understand that you are saying and it was nicely done

  3. Diana says:

    I have been so into the World Cup this year. I’ve always been a soccer fan, but it’s been amplified by the World Cup this year. It’s so much fun to watch all the games, no matter who’s playing. Since we don’t have cable, I watch most of the games on Univision, which is fun since I only understand half of what the announcers say. But I always understand “Gooooolllllllll!!!!!” 🙂

  4. Darrah says:

    Soccer is Awesome. Bend it Like Beckham anyone? But beyond that….I feel that if something is hurting you why would you keep it around. I’ve had to cut people out before because they were hurting me. If you keep slipping on the same puddle why wouldn’t you clean that mess up and be done with it.
    I understand what you all are saying but if something clearly isn’t working why would you continue to torture yourself. Sometimes a clean break is easier than keeping that damanging element around even if only on the outskirts of your life.

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