A New York Minute

Welcome to New York, the city of minimal rules except these…… Please be courteous and forceful-otherwise we might step all over you. Be mindful of the latest fashions and trends; don’t look like loser trash. Lastly, walk, talk, think, and act fast; we have no time for slowpokes. You are living by the New York Minute now, even time moves faster here.

The apartment was found, signed and paid for, and completely devoid of most furnishings. But who cares? I’m in New York now baby, who needs furniture when I  have an unlimited subway pass?  My wardrobe will hold up until I get a steady income to afford nicer things, like first a bed would be nice, and then maybe an A-line peach dress. Just saying.

I was walking yesterday in SoHo, listening to David Bowie on my iPod and watching the fashionistas saunter by with their impossibly cute summer dresses and Hollywood sunglasses when I was hit with a little misery. Here I am, a size 12 in New York City, a place where size 12 is ok….. but wouldn’t you rather be a size 4? No, I would not want to be a size 4. I could be a size 8, but a 10 is recommended and I can fit some 10s now, does that mean I should push really hard? There is no right or wrong when it comes to your size, there is when it comes to health, but weight has only ever affected my mental health.  I suppose I think of it too much and I go a little crazy. What do I want? Do I think pushing myself harder into a size 8 or 6 will make me happier? Possibly. Do I think I will love myself more? Doubtful. I have a fairly high opinion of myself from time to time- weight has not changed that too much.

What do I want? I keep going back to that question. I want a job that I enjoy and that pays the rent, time to do more things I want to do when I want to do them, the love of my life, a camera for Eat Sweet or Die Bitter, a bed, more traveling, and possibly a villa in Tuscany. (The last one can wait a while).  I want to lose more weight but not too much that I cannot enjoy food; because I love food. A lot. I don’t eat excessively- I just eat judiciously and without health prejudice. I will eat that sandwich instead of the garden salad if I had to choose, but I would prefer a little of both.

In a New York Minute, what’s more important; beauty or happiness? Why not have a little of both? Who says a size 12 is ugly? Not the men of New York, and not the man of my heart. Looks may mean everything if you only have one minute, but nothing speaks more volumes of beauty than a smile. Even New Yorkers love those.


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3 Responses to A New York Minute

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  2. Diana says:

    A-line peach dresses definitely come right after a bed in priorities 🙂

    Sounds like things are going great in NYC – I hope you find the most perfect, awesome job.
    And there’s nothing wrong with being a size 12. You’re looking great!

  3. Lisa says:

    You look fantastic!! I’m so glad you’re enjoying New York, though I do miss you.

    And, I agree… what’s so wrong with wanting both beauty and happiness? I know I want both 🙂

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