Greenery, Guinness, and Gourmet Burgers in Ireland

Where else can you sit out on your balcony and watch drunk people nearly get hit by a car (not that you want to see them get hit, but you cannot stop watching, it’s so addictive)? Probably a few places, but Ireland has to reign supreme on their drunks doing some pretty insane, yet funny things. Whether it be they are drunk in the morning, noon or night, talking to you about steamy windows (believe me, this is very naughty), hopping in and out of taxis because they just want to walk around Temple Bar, or eating Chinese food in a restaurant at 10 p.m. at night, the drunks make this country even more entertaining.

So I spent an amazing 9 nights in Ireland, and I’ve come to the conclusion that I may in fact love Europe. The people are all around doing their own thing, sometimes they say hi and make conversation, but other times they don’t- at least not in Dublin. But travel away from the city and smiles abound. Every Bed & Breakfast had an over-the-top nice owner that would do just about anything to make you happy or see their country. It rocked!

The country itself was so unbelievably beautiful. First let me tell you, I love adventures, but even I get scared. Luckily I had my amazing German friend (who is also quite sexy) with me and he got me to climb through dangerous hills of rocky doom to see the prettiest landscapes. Thanks German friend! I did have visions a few times of falling over and crashing in the rocks below, thankfully I didn’t slip up once. I kept singing the theme song to Indiana Jones and asking- what would Indie do?

Lastly, the food. There is hardly a national cuisine- it’s mostly fusion based, meaning you would often find traditional Irish cuisine next to Italian or Morrocan. But I loved it and I had some pretty great food (also worth noting, there are more restaurants than shopping stores, believe me when I say I was over the moon excited). I also for the first time ate burgers. Yes I, Allie Dow, had two burgers, the first real burgers I’ve ever had. And I have to say they were absolutely delicious. I also had some amazing German chocolate (kudos again to German friend) and Chomp the neattastic chocolate covered caramel from Cadbury which made me very happy as well. You don’t find those in the states at all. And let’s not skip over the Guinness, my new love. There is so much flavor and happiness in each glass, no wonder there are so many drunks in Ireland.

This was a learning experience in so many ways. First, I learned about a different culture and setting. Next, I learned that I could see myself living abroad in life, in fact I think I would love it. And lastly, I learned a little bit about letting your guard down to have some fun, get out of your comfort zone but also letting things happen the way they should. It’s very natural for me and everyone else to want to control things so that we don’t get hurt, get attached, or do anything too stupid. But once you let your guard down to fully enjoy yourself, you find there are so many things that you were missing out on. Whether it be letting loose and drinking a few pints at the bar, climbing through rocky hilltops that are rife with danger, or falling in love even if it’s the stupidest thing you could do, letting the guard down is worth it. I suggest everyone try it but let me tell you, it’s not for the faint of heart.

If you could travel somewhere right now, where would you go?


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4 Responses to Greenery, Guinness, and Gourmet Burgers in Ireland

  1. nicole says:

    im soo glad you let your guard down my friend!!! happy happy for you.. even though its a tough thing to do :).. kudos

    and if i were to go anywhere right now it would be ummm….uhh…anywhere be maybe fiji..or aussie land..or the UK

  2. *Jen* says:

    First of all I’m insanely jealous! I want to go to Ireland like you wouldn’t believe. I think I have to make it there for St Patrick’s day one of these years.

    And second, letting your guard down is wonderful! It goes hand and hand with not planning every little step of the way. Just take a step and go… see where the road leads you. 🙂


  3. Jenn says:

    Glad you took risks and had a sexy German to help you along the way. Uber jealous of the trip. I would love to travel all over Europe with a backpack a pair of jeans and an SLR camera. Love ya and we will take risks together when I am in NYC for two weeks in August 🙂


  4. Diana says:

    Sounds like you had an amazing trip!

    Right now, I’d really love to travel just about anywhere outside of Florida, but the two places I want to see most are Krakow, Poland (because that’s where my great-grandparents were from) or Paris, because, well, it’s Paris.

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