Hittin’ the Road Jack, but I’ll Come Back (to you)

So I’m hittin’ the road, moving on up and I’m doing lots of things (all literally of course). This week I am moving my big-bottomed self to New York City, and then flying out to Ireland. The next three weeks are going to be crazy, and you know me, I wouldn’t want it any other way.

I think when you leave a place, you reflect on what you’ve learned, and therefore here is my list. Now to all my Florida friends, this is not about you but really about Florida in general. No offense, but you know, has to be said.

Things Learned from Florida:

1. Floridians are a bit strange (not all) but the ones that wear UGGs in the 60-70 degree weather and winter jackets when the lowest it gets is maybe 50 degrees.

2. There is no (repeat that- NO) such thing as Southern Hospitality. I don’t care what you say, southerners are just not hospitable to northerners. But this may be because we think we are smarter, faster and less hickish than them. Oh wait, we don’t think that, WE ARE THAT.

3. Southerners love shopping in big commercial stores like Walmart, Target (they are everywhere), and eating at food chains like Steak n’ Shake, McDonald’s, Wendy’s and other pretty disgusting places. And you say- come on’ Southerners, stop eating bad food, this is why obesity reigns supreme down here. There is only one Whole Foods in Tampa. One.

4. I do not like Git-R- Done, first because it lets these redneck southerners think they are clever for creating a saying, and next because I don’t think redneck southerners can be clever. Also, this saying is often on t-shirts that have the confederate flag on it. Regardless of what color you are- the confederate flag does not emphasize understanding or equality, or for that matter, cleverness.

5. Floridians are pretty casual dressers they go to work in jeans and such. I think they might actually be happier at work because they are comfortable, as opposed to up north where we dress very formally and can be, and often are, uncomfortable and miserable.

6. There are lots of issues everywhere in the country, and that I’ve always known but never had such substantive proof of until now. I am so glad I moved down here for a while; it was time to branch out and try something new. I made some really great friends, and I’ll miss you. Floridians are better than regular southerners because they don’t have those insanely silly accents. <—- See? Compliment.

Thanks to everyone! I won’t be writing next week as I will be in Ireland, but expect there to be a big post on Ireland though when I get back! Thanks everyone for the support; although I’m moving to a new city, I’ll still be on here, blogging away.

See you in a while crocodiles,


P.S. This was me at my last day of work and I was so crazy and excited for these upcoming weeks- thus this is the face I made. Yup. I’ll make normal faces again in Ireland.

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5 Responses to Hittin’ the Road Jack, but I’ll Come Back (to you)

  1. Diana says:

    After living in Florida for my entire life, I have to say that I agree with almost all of these points. Except the part about winter jackets below 50 – if we didn’t wear them then, we’d never get to wear them at all (and this past winter doesn’t count, because it was freakishly cold)

    I miss ya girl. Have fun in NYC and Ireland!

  2. Jenn says:

    I agree 100% with Diana. I get overly excited to bust out the winter clothes in Florida and it is not necessarily because I am cold I just want to wear them šŸ˜‰ Miss ya already! Have a blast on your journey to the Emerald Isle and remember what I want as a “piece o’ Ireland”

  3. Laura says:

    Have a FANTASTIC time Allie! šŸ™‚ In Ireland and NYC! Big move, but definately worth it! Good luck!

  4. LiLu says:

    Sooooooo jealous of Ireland!!!!!!! Have a BLAST!

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