Moo with Me

Alright, I’m doing some pretty big things in the next month and it’s time for an update of DRASTIC proportions. I graduate this weekend and I’m moving on up to the East Side, to the deluxe apartment in the sky….and I finally got a piece of the pie.

So this is my big news- in list form. Without further adieu—

List of Moo-Tasticness

1. Moving to New York City- jobless right now, but full of hope

2. When I say hope, I mean determination.

3. Lost (wait for it, wait for it) 94 pounds since 2008. I still have 20-25 to be at goal weight, so keep me accountable!

4. Dropped 5 pant sizes (yes I’m half of what I used to be) and 7 dress sizes!

5. Hair still may take over Guam, therefore cannot go near Guam

6. Going to Ireland in less than two weeks! Look out Emerald Isle!

7. Dancing in your nuddy-pants is a perfectly good way to boost your caboose, therefore my caboose is very a-boost.

8. Decided that I will go on special no food diet in New York as I may not be able to afford food. Good news- I have a very nice wardrobe now. Bad news- may not fit me if I cannot eat anymore….

9. I’m going to miss all of the great Florida friends I’ve made, but my home has always been a great big northern city. It accommodates my craziness and my need to do something in the wee hours. I need a place that never sleeps.

10. I’m still recovering from so many things; death, losing weight and continuing to, changes both big and small, and learning to step away from certain occurrences when they don’t work out. But I’m at a point now where I am so unbelievably happy, worried a little bit, but so incandescently happy. And I’ve realized one other thing over the last few weeks- you are always stronger than you may think. Stick up for what you believe in, know yourself and fight for those who cannot fight for themselves- it’s not selfless but rather it gives you the opportunity to be proud of who and what you are. I know it’s hard to do what is right sometimes, but it always pays off in the end.

There are so many reasons for there to be sparkles in my eyes; I’ve come along way and I’m still gonna keep moving on up. And if anyone remembers that scene from Rent, where Maureen is asking the audience to Moo with her-  well I’m asking all of you to moo with me too.  I’ve got places to go and I need all the support I can get.


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6 Responses to Moo with Me

  1. darrah says:

    MOOOOOOOOOO MOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! You go Girl can’t wair till you are back up in the North. You will even be in my state. We will each have to make an effort to visit each other now that we are only a few hours away. and again MOOOOOOOOOOOO!!

  2. *Jen* says:

    Go Alechia! Wooo! So happy for you!

  3. Jenn says:

    Love the post! I will be sad to lose my workout buddy but happy to have a reason to go to NYC 🙂 🙂 I am sure you will find something to eat so you can wear your fabulous wardrobe !!!

  4. nicole says:

    Im soo very very proud of you my protege…my forever traveling buddy! you are so strong! and I cant wait to see what is in store for you when you move back north! big things are coming your way im soo excited!!!!!! love you a whole bunch!! and ill get to see you sept!! MOOOO

  5. Diana says:


    This is such a wonderful, happy post! It’s so encouraging to see you optimistic perspective on all the adventures waiting in store for you. I’ll definitely miss you down here in the Sunshine State, but at the same time, I’m excited for the new journey life is taking you on. And I’ve definitely got to plan a trip to NYC (in the fall, maybe?)

  6. Rick says:

    Good luck with the New York move! Being from the city I know you’ll like it. But just a warning, summer is really really really hot.

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