C’s those Girls

Alliteration makes me happy- so get ready! It has come to my attention that girls are complicating, conflicting, and confusing so often that they are just as complex (and cantankerously carnaptious) as everyone thinks them to be. Girls can be a conundrum of care and concern: and all I’m trying to say through the use of these c’s, is that girls have so many categories that classify their characters. We have the dreamers and the schemers, the concise and the chatty, the catty and the compassionate.

It isn’t my intention to stereotype all girls, but it has come to my attention that I have been a dreamer for so long that I forgot that girls can be so pernicious to one another because of their own insecurities. As of late I’ve had some issues with mean girls (which is why this post is about girls but it applies to everyone)- the type that cut you down and crush you because they have issues with who they are so you are the easier target. Confident girls get questioned by those who lack confidence; it’s natural, but why? I’ll admit I can be incredibly confident about a vast array of different things, but I’ll always be a little insecure about my body, and sometimes my craziness. As I get older and more comfortable with my flaws I won’t see this is a problem, but right now this is a personal dilemma I have to work through. I am not perfect, I worry about love and appearances just as much as anyone, but I also have to trust that things are going to work out. There may be someone out there that will love my imperfections as much as they love my strengths. After all, that’s love right?

So why do girls have to question that? If you don’t like the way YOU look, change it but don’t bash other girls for how they look- how does that help anyone? If you don’t think you’re as smart as you like- go out and learn, but don’t question another girl’s intelligence- who are you to do that? If you have trust issues- don’t question another girl’s trust. There is so much to every story, and believe me, we never know all the details unless it is our own story. We have to stop judging each other, and turn that eye on the things we don’t like about ourselves. Either learn to accept yourself the way you are, or try your best to change the things you want to.

Life is a series of struggles and successes with little moments of serenity in between.There is no right time to to hurt someone else, yet there is always a right time to love yourself and others. Love adds to life, hurt subtracts, do the math and utilize the time you have the best way you can, life is worth it.


P.S. Doesn’t that cupcake look cute and lively? See I could have put a serene life pic there, but then cupcakes are so much happier. Just saying.

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9 Responses to C’s those Girls

  1. Nicole says:

    SO..i totally want that cupcake at the end..if it wasnt chocolate! lol..and you speak the truth about us girls…as much as i love being a girl..girls can be downright mean (( not gonna lie.. i have been mean from time to time)) ..no wonder some guys think we are crazy..cuz we ARE!!!.. I think if we all just stopped and took the time to fix ourselves w/o meaning mean to other girls.. we as a gender would be much happier and less crazy lol

  2. Andrea says:

    I agree with Nicole about that cupcake! It looks fantastic, and I love sprinkly thingys and yes, a non-chocolate version would be better. 🙂 Your post is so true though, girls can be terribly mean, I can definitely think of more than one time where mean girls have hurt my feelings. It’s funny how crazy insecure we are sometimes, I guess we just need to find a better way of channeling that insecurity into something useful or constructive.

  3. adrienne says:

    great blog miss dow

  4. erin says:

    love it alechia… as always. and i think it’s just that it is so much easier to find flaws in someone else than it is to examine your own, wrong as that may be.
    love you =)

  5. Darrah says:

    Well said my dear. And it is horrid how young the meanness and cruelty starts. I’m pretty sure I was getting picked on in pre-school.

  6. Diana says:

    The cupcake is a very happy image.

    I feel you on this. I have had to cut off a lot of relationships like this in the past. It’s just not worth the the anxiety that comes from people who constantly cut down others and make them feel like they’re not good enough.

  7. Sarah says:

    I’ve reread the last paragraph five times (because it’s awesomtastic). The concept is so easy and yet so few people put it into practice.

  8. Lucius Koski says:

    Hey very nice blog!!….I’m an instant fan, I have bookmarked you and I’ll be checking back on a regular….See ya

  9. Laura says:

    Yummy cupcake! As for the girls that aren’t nice to you…you can email me their names!!! 🙂 Just kidding! You’re awesome and you know it. That’s all that really matters anyway.

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