The Time Stop List

Time is a the epitome of conflict- it’s hard not to see it as a constant when actually it is the variable. We all think we have it and we all count on it continuing. Time never stops-we do. People stop. Life stops. Time continues with or without us. That’s the nature of it, but what if you haven’t done anything too exciting yet?

This has been on my mind- I mean what time do I have to do the things I really want to do? ย What do I really want to do? And so I came up with a list.

List of Things to Do Before my Time Stops:

1. Write a cookbook and celebrate the successes in the privacy of my home on the water in either Carmel, CA, Australia, or Tuscany, Italy. Also, I would like my husband, children, and the people I love there with me. I’d also like cake. Lots of cake.

2. Buy a home in either Carmel, CA, ย Australia, or Tuscany, Italy. And a loft in Boston or NYC just because.

3. Create an amazing recipe that wows everyone! And then make loads of money that enable me to afford buying a home after publishing the recipe in my cookbook.(See it all makes sense).

4. Eventually find and marry a guy who doesn’t think he needs a dictionary to understand me all the time, doesn’t need a few minutes to understand my jokes, and who doesn’t think my hair is too curly or my bottom is too large. CANNOT BE HELPED.And who also loves me back and tells me- Allie, you are the jelly to my peanut butter, you are the chocolate chips in my cookie….

5. Win a game of chess against someone who is way better than me. Then when I win, knock the pieces over and say BOO-YAH! Why? Because I can.

6. Karaoke- I’ve always been too shy to try it, I just want to sing one monster ballad or extremely awesome girl song. It would also be really cool if the audience joined in and held out lighters. But not necessary really.

7. Eat a national food in every country I travel to. I know this will be hard, but when I travel to Ireland in two months, I have to try out some authentic Irish food (I know they don’t have the best record for good food….) and guinness. I mean really, I love food from around the world, I’m ready- are they?

8. Solve a really hard mystery, and then also say BOO-YAH when I explained the geniousness it took to solve it.

9. Throw a 30s style cocktail party where everyone must dress up in costumes with live Cole Porter-esque swing music. And then walk (without falling!) in sexy heels.

10. Have a chocolate bar named after me. Seriously, how do I go about doing that?

11. Ok, the last one is going to sounds ridiculous, which all of you know, I never do…. but ok, so- Marilyn Monroe was by today’s standards, a size 8. My goal in life is to not only be a size 8 (which is just one (!) size away) but also, and don’t laugh, to take a picture in a pinup costume just for myself. I know, I know that sounds ridiculous but I have always admired pin-up girls for being so confident. I would love to do this just for me.

One of my dear friends wants to have a character on The Simpsons, which I wanted to add to mine, but I won’t steal his. Even though I’ve watched The Simpsons longer than he has, and my character would be way cooler than his (don’t get mad if you’re reading this, I speak only the convoluted truth). But maybe one day…..

What would you like to do before your time stops?


P.S. Missing Swedish Fish…….

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8 Responses to The Time Stop List

  1. Nicole says:

    Umm you want a house in Carmel Ca you say?!! I wonder why?! hehehe Carmel would LOVE to have you!!! and we should get one in NAPA!! :)…and I have always always wanted to take a pin up pic too!! I have the scenario I want and the style and everything!!! So one day we should go take pin up pics together!! how fun would that be!!! ๐Ÿ™‚ and I hope im invited to the 30’s style party. and I will make you cake for your cookbook success! LOVE YOU

  2. Darrah says:

    so I have my flapper headdress all ready don’t worry. ๐Ÿ™‚ Count me in for the Pin up pic too they seem so confident and glamorous. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. adrienne says:

    alechia u amaze me… u should do the pin up pic i have a great photographer

  4. Lisa says:

    Ok, here’s what you do…

    you find and marry that perfect guy of yours and then he’ll be the doodle to your snickers and then VOILA! you have a candy bar named after you!! (yes, it’s named after YOU and not the other way around)

    Two items checked off the list ๐Ÿ˜€

  5. Kayce Horgan says:

    I love all your things to do before your time is up! What a great bucket list! I especially like the idea of getting your photograph done as a pinup girl. I will admit I have wanted to do this ever since I was in middle school. I too admire the pinup girls confidence and think the photos can really be classy. Go for it Allie!

  6. Diana says:

    Love this post! I think just about every girl secretly wants a pin-up photo of themselves, but most are too shy to admit it.

  7. Diana H. says:

    I think you would look super-foxy in a pin-up-style picture. I have also entertained this idea. I love pin-up girls (and have found some cute images online of librarian pin-ups!).

    My biggest Before The End goal is to publish a book of short stories. And move to Canada for realz. ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. Laura says:

    I think a cocktail party sounds like a wonderful idea. I think I’m going to invite myself. As for the pin-up picture. I think it should be done. It must. It made me think of the movie “Calendar Girls”. Great list! ๐Ÿ™‚

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