Old Spice and Everything Nice

Ok, I’ll admit it- I’m mesmerized by the Old Spice commercials for a lot of reasons; 1. the guy tells you to look around while talking directly to the camera in a sexy voice, 2. he turns tickets into diamonds which is just AWESOME, and lastly and most importantly, 3. he’s on a horse. And yes Old Spice, I never knew I wanted my man to smell like a jet fighter and punching, but now I do thanks to your ads!

All this manly sensationalism got me on a role because next I was directed to Mademan.com, a site that encompasses these three things- wit, wisdom, women. Part of this masculine site is intended for men needing hints as to how to woo ladies and not be a complete ass in the process. I won’t lie, there are some pretty good suggestions there. One of my favorites articles is 14 Things Scaring Off the Ladies. I think this says a lot to guys out there trying to understand that the little things they do, maybe even unknowingly, definitely turn us off and send us in the opposite direction. Men want to help men. Even Old Spice has a tab on their page that gives you some tips on how to write “romantastic notes” and love letters that aren’t sappy and dreadfully emotional. They know men don’t like being emotional, sappy, and most of the time even attached, much to our chagrin.

Yet all these things clued me in to my perceptions as to the perfect guy for me; and what he would be like. Girls- I know you all have these notions for who it is you want to spend your life with, and for some of you, those notions came from fairytales, rom-coms and books (I know, I’ve been there), but you have to let those expectations go.  A guy is not going to be the Prince Charming you want him to be but he can be a pretty great boyfriend/husband if you let him be the way he is- sometimes great, and sometimes incredibly and annoyingly perplexing.

I used to have a list of criteria for potential guys, and over the last two years I tore that up and started fresh. What kind of guy do I want? A good guy who wants me back. The word good can imply a lot, but good means a decent human being, and is a compatible fit for me. That is the catch- what makes another person fit you? Well it’s about personality and yes, it’s that simple. Personalities that mesh can make mental and physical intimacy easier and more rewarding. Knowing what he or she likes because you know and understand him or her- that can go a long way. Add a little Old Spice and everything nice, and I say let the lovin’ begin.


P.S. Holding strong without my Swedish fish!

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5 Responses to Old Spice and Everything Nice

  1. Kayce Horgan says:

    LOL, I have got to watch this commercial! And good for you for finally realizing that it takes more than just a list of wants to find the right guy for you. It takes knowing yourself and who you are. If you never know yourself it will definitely be hard to find someone that that your compatible with. And I think that it is also important to remember that we girls aren’t storybook perfect so we shouldn’t expect guys to be either.

  2. nicole says:

    well done ms alechia! haha its cute and funny.. haha.. i have not seen the old spice commercial!

  3. Diana says:

    That’s a really great picture of you!

    I have to admit, I have found myself fascinated by the Old Spice commercials as well. I find them hilarious and offensive at the same time.

  4. Gina says:

    Arby’s…nothing sexy about it. You know what I’m talking about.

  5. Darrah says:

    I’m glad you are getting by with out your candies. 🙂 That is one of the move ridiculous commercials I have ever seen. I LOVE it. I still don’t like Old Spice but I am now smiling so who cares. Thank you for sharing.

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