Crazy-Faced Bananas and Buckets of Cheese

I am currently a victim of the cold-sickness persuasion movement, lead by indomitable germs of doom. Therefore, I am writing this with the utmost fogginess of mind, and emotional sentimentality that nearly always comes when all you really want is a bowl of soup and someone rubbing your back. Alas, I am writing a post and not just any post, but the best blog post ever written by a human with a cold, in need of 1. orange juice, 2. someone to rub my back, and 3. swedish fish (which really serve no purpose other than making me happy although I cannot really taste them).

Speaking of my favorite sweet in the ENTIRE WORLD, I have decided to give up Swedish fish, alongside all candies (excepting dark chocolate) for Lent. I believe I am capable of giving these things up although it shall pain me to do so. So here is what I’ll be giving up, the list of my happiest sweets:

1. Swedish fish– little fish of wonderfulness

2. Raisinets– my favorite chocolaty kind of healthy treat, ok no they aren’t

3. Watermelon Sour Patch– so bitter yet delectably watermelon-icious

4. Sour worms- favorite movie theater treat

5. Bunch-a-Crunch– bunch-of-happiness more like

6. Chocolate covered marshmallows- so amazingly yummy

And all others, like Milky Way, Starburst, Skittles, Three Musketeers, and M&Ms. The funny thing is, I never realized I had such a thing for candy until now. Mind you, I eat swedish fish more than any of these, and in fact I would say I eat only one or two of these a month tops. However, this is going to be crazy- faced- bananas difficult, but not buckets- of- cheese difficult, and yes those are abstract sayings.

When I am not suffering from the bubonic plague of colds (yes, that was too dramatic) I will write a more substantive post covering important things like life, cookies, being able to see the forest through the trees,  and really cute guys that make you happy even if they are annoyingly cute<—– that one is neither here nor there.  So until next time-  please eat some Swedish fish for me,


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4 Responses to Crazy-Faced Bananas and Buckets of Cheese

  1. Nicole says:

    awww my friend .. feel better!!! i would send you swedish fish but since you are givin them up.. ill save them for you! : and ::rubs your back:: 🙂

  2. Darrah says:

    OK my Crazy faced Mox ( the all purpose word both a vowel and an adjective) hang in there. I’ve never had a Swedish Fish alas as I am allergic to them so I’m still thinking about what to give up for lent.

    Terribly sorry you are sick. I would rub your back and make you soup if I was there. You will have to accept an electronic version however as I am here and you there. Oh aren’t you in Florida? Can’t someone go outside, shake a tree, and make you orange juice?

  3. Diana says:

    I’m glad that you’re at least still allowing dark chocolate. No one should ever forsake dark chocolate.

    I hope you’re feeling better soon!

  4. emvandee says:

    You totally just made me need a snack.

    Feel better soon!

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