Baby, There’s a Shark in The Water

I wanted a warm chocolate chip cookie once, so I put it in the microwave for a few minutes. It goes to show you how little I understood microwaves and time. Well, you know what happened? It exploded.Tiny bits of a cookie were all over the microwave, and the smell was unbelievably offensive- who knew cookies could smell so bad? After the smoke cleared, my mom told me that the next time I wanted a warm chocolate cookie I would have to make it myself. And that’s just what I did. Nearly 15 years later, and a pastry degree under my belt, I owe it all to an exploding chocolate chip cookie.

That’s life. One event can change it in the most unconscious and bizarre ways. When you think everything is peaceful and conformed, something has to come along that completely changes everything and sometimes it changes just you. Normally I love it, but sometimes that life altering change isn’t what you thought you wanted. For me, it’s hard looking at the upside of the imminent changes like death, and love. Death is an inevitability, it’s a part of being alive. If I had to chose between which is more fearsome of the changes, I would say love is the impending doom. Once it takes it’s form and shape, it’s irrevocable. Not to say death isn’t scary or can be changed because it can’t, but rather, it is a constant whereas love is a variable.

Shakespeare said, “Journeys end in lovers meeting.” And like Iris in The Holiday, I cannot claim to know anything about that. But I tend to think the opposite- journeys begin in lovers meeting, although that might just be the Indiana Jones in me. It’s my proclivity to think of everything as a great big adventure, life is much more interesting that way. I don’t want to think of love being the end of everything or I would be less inclined to accept it.

Right now though, I’m ready to accept it.  I’m ready for dancing in my nuddy-pants and beginning journeys. Above all, I’m ready for swimming in that water where baby there may be a shark. It’s all a part of growing up;  there are risks and there are things waiting to change your life, even if it’s just a chocolate chip cookie.


P.S. No more Special K! That’s why I am making that goofy happy face!!

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6 Responses to Baby, There’s a Shark in The Water

  1. Darrah says:

    Well I just bought some special K (chocolate delight) YUM!

    So just a thought and leaving out zombies and reincarnation wouldn’t you say death is irrevocable as well? if I understand correctly you are more afraid of the changes L O V E brings to your life than the changes death does. I don’t think I can agree with that. The saying goes it is better to have loved and loss than to never have loved at all. I think what really scares me is the thought of dying before I have felt that deep soul searing love.

    I mean you changed my life and I’m the better for it. I’m would much rather embrace love changing my life than death.

  2. alliedow says:

    Haha Darrah- no I am not saying, yeah death rocks, love blows. I’m saying death is a constant, love is a variable, therefore a risk. The changes that comes from it are undetermined whereas death creates more self-reflection, sorrow, etc. Think about it that way instead. Love and death are scary things, one is inevitable. It’s not about comfort.

  3. Nicole says:

    I totally understand what you are saying Alechia.. I mean.. everyone knows death is coming one day. So in a sense you mentally prepare for a loved one.. well anyone in that matter.. cuz with life comes death like you said.. Well love is not like that. you CANT mentally prepare for it.. even if you want to.. and its something that takes you off guard.. either in a good way or bad way. but actually finding that LOVE is something worth being scared about..

  4. Diana says:

    I love that an exploding cookie is what led you to study pastry arts 🙂 It sounds like something I would have done as a kid.

  5. i agree with you love is unexpected and scary and great and wonderful. I know from too many experiences. Keep lookin forward to growing up and changes. go dance in your nutty pants…yeah no more special k.

  6. Kayce Horgan says:

    You are so right that love is a scary thing. It is a choice that we make to open ourselves up and to be vulnerable to someone else; we decide to put our hearts in their hands, giving them the power to bring us joy or pain. This can lead to many wonderful moments but it can also lead to heartbreak and pain that can last for years. Death on the other hand we have no choice over. We are going to die no matter what we do, although we might like to have some choice over how we die. And once you are dead you are dead. It does not linger for years like a broken heart can. So I agree that love is scary, but in my opinion the benefits and the joy associated with love is worth the risk of heartbreak.

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