In the Name of Love

Hatred paralyzes life; love releases it.

Hatred confuses life; love harmonizes it.

Hatred darkens life; love illuminates it.


Race is always going to be an issue for some people if they never learn from our mistakes, and they never open their minds to the present instead of following the notions of the past. And maybe that is a reflection of who I am- an Irish, Jamaican, Native American. But when I see colors- the many colors and shades of skin- in a restaurant or walking down a busy street, I feel comfortable, happy. I love the darkest of the browns, the palest of the whites, and everything in between. And speaking of love, it’s about time I devote a post to it. Is there a better time than the celebration of a man who wanted us to be all brothers, sisters, equals- to talk about love? I think not.

I keep hearing that love is all you need, but I tend to disagree with that. You need so many  things to find and appreciate love, and then when you have it, you need a few other things to keep it. Love doesn’t seem like the end of all things- but it is one of the most meaningful things you can possess in your life. But then what exactly is love?

It means so many different things to so many different people. What I believe to be love is inherently different from what the girl or guy sitting across from me at the coffee shop think. But honestly, I would never say I love you to someone I didn’t care for. For friends, love is the ability to communicate with words or silence, understanding, and acceptance. And above all, trusting that they have your best interests in their heart. For a significant other, love means so much more. It means placing your heart in their hands, saying whatever is on your mind even if it’s silly and dumb and embarrassing, and knowing that without them in your life, you wouldn’t be happy, you would be slightly less than a shining star. However corny that sounds.

When you lose something or someone you love, you feel devastation- this I know to be true. When you find something or someone to love, you should feel wild jubilation even if it is a one-sided affair. How joyous it is to feel something so strong- to know that you are capable of such a feeling you never thought you could or would feel. That’s an amazing thing. Unfortunately, love seems to be something we throw around without caution; it’s overused and with time, it means nothing. We cannot love everything, we cannot like everything. We have to pick and choose what deserves our liking and what deserves our love. Yes, we need to be choosy with the people and things that are close to us and that we cherish. The one way to detract meaning from our lives is to give in to every whim, every notion we have of love, because we need to be fickle, we need to be decisive.

I’m hoping that someday there will be someone in my life I can feel this way for and I know someday there will be. For everyone I cherish, there will be a great love that will sweep you off your feet, tangle you in it’s webs, and find a place in your heart you never knew existed. It just takes time, and although life is short, it’s still the longest thing you will ever do. Don’t give up yet-


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4 Responses to In the Name of Love

  1. Nicole says:

    LOVED it!! esp the last paragraph! also you look so cute doin the heart thing! haha.. well done ms dow!

  2. Darrah says:

    Very deep mon amie! There are so many different types of love. Love explodes, love can be lost, love can dim, love can soften, love can grow, and one can fall into love. So if there are so many verbs and actions associated with an intangible thing then it must come in more than one form.
    Any well I do believe you need more than love (sorry Beatles) if you have everything else love is the one thing that makes it all complete.

  3. **Jen** says:

    Remember, when the Beatles sang that it was during a time when people married for life, and if you were independent (especially as a woman), you were frowned upon.

    Anyway, love the post! Excellent segway (not the word I’m looking for…) from MLK Jr. to love 🙂

  4. Sarah says:

    its is an over used word. im sick of the luvs and the ilys even the love yas! today when relationships begin, they get going very fast and when that word is used too soon it seems so incomplete. and then for the rest of the relationship you question whether that other person truly loves you or simply needs someone in their life. i pledge that from now on i will use LOVE in ways that only add value to the word.

    thank you alechia. and i do love you very very much

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