Happy New Year!

It will officially be my anniversary of this wonderful blog January 28th, and I’ve come a long long way. I’ve learned a lot, shared a lot more, laughed way too much, and wrote my heart out. A new leaf has been turned, and I am ready to turn another.

This has been a tumultuous year for me: Β growing up, still pursuing excellence that may always elude me, falling out of love, later falling in it, finding humor in some of the most mundane situations, and smiling my way through some of the saddest moments I’ve experienced in my life. Luckily, I can admit to being an idiot more than a few times this year, and I kind of hope I’m able to allow myself some more idiotic instances next year. It keeps me on my toes. And maybe that will be one of my resolutions…..

That’s right, every year I make a list of resolutions, and for the last two years, I have met all of them. The trick is- never make a resolution that you know you can’t meet, make it an easy change. Of course, it wouldn’t be me if some of them weren’t entirely ridiculous; let’s be serious, I will always be slightly neurotic, chubby, nerdy, dreamy, loud, and comical. But there are some things I can change, and that’s why I have created-

My List of New Year’s Resolutions that are Doom-Free:

1. Learn the Thriller Dance! Ok, I know this seems unimportant, but I’ve been saying for years that I want to learn this dance. It’s time, “for no mere mortal can resist the evil of the thriller”…..

2. Continue eating properly, more organically, while meeting all my food groups a day and writing it down. So boring, yet incredibly important- I have a goal and I will reach it.

3. Be consistent with yoga, and get to an intermediate level. (Be envied for my yoga skills!)

4. Travel abroad, meet up with some great friends I’ve made and have an Indiana Jones like adventure. Except you know, no heart removing ceremonies, or the Holy Grail….

5. Finally find a place to settle myself and books for at least a few years. I love traveling, but I cannot stand all the moving I do.

6. Finish one, just one, of my side projects. I have to sit down and focus on completing one of the many things I start.

7. Try to actually have a love life this year. And with a normal person, not a character in a movie who can do the salsa, speak a few languages and has dreamy eyes. But you know, an actual guy, that makes me laugh and doesn’t mind that I’m a little crazy.

8. Wear a cute dress, and go out dancing. I’ve never done this, well I mean with a cute flowy dress that moves around in the air when I twirl. Also, I need to learn how to twirl…..Yeah, I know, it’s silly but come on, it could be great.

9. Learn to make a traditional dinner of a completely different culture. This one will be really fun. Now which culture?

10. Lastly, be happier! Sing loudly to songs, dance like a maniac, and laugh as much as I want. Who cares? I shouldn’t, and being happy seems like a better way to pass time anyway.

See? Kind of normal resolutions. Simple, and obtainable. Well except for the Thriller dance, that one might be hard. Anyway, Happy New Year everyone, thank you for reading, and let’s continue the awesomeness next year!


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6 Responses to Happy New Year!

  1. Nicole says:

    Love Love it as always!! So whenever I come to visit. hopefully in 2010 we are soo going out dancing in a cute flowly dress FOR SURE!!!! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  2. **Jen** says:

    When you learn the Thriller dance I need to see it! Love you and I know you can reach any goals you set for yourself πŸ™‚

  3. emvandee says:

    Those all sound very doable – good luck! Dancing is 3,000% better when your dress twirls around you. Be sure to buy cute underwears that you’re happy to let everyone see πŸ™‚

  4. Darrah says:


    MISS YOU sooo much. So one of my resolutions is to come visit you. Money being the big hurdle there but I’m working on it right now. I so think learning the thriller dance is reasonable. You only have to watch the music video a million times while dancing along and I think you will have it down. You can think of it like an advanced work out video or something.


  5. Diana says:

    Ooo, I want to learn the thriller dance! And wear pretty dresses that twirl. But wouldn’t it be even more awesome to do both at the same time? Nothing like zombie dances in cute, twirly dresses πŸ™‚

  6. Kayce Horgan says:

    I love your list of resolutions! I know you can do it and maybe I can help you with a few πŸ™‚

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