Love, Actually is…. Somewhere

New York City at Christmas time; it’s magical, colorful, and full of snowy adventure. And since this will be my first time in NYC for the holidays, I am kind of hoping it turns out like the movie Serendipity. Yes, I know that’s ridiculous and possibly a little unlikely (POSSIBLY)…. But come on! Wouldn’t it be super awesome if I meet someone while buying a pair of gloves and then we fall madly in love, drink Frrrozen hot chocolates, ice skate and then don’t see each other for years… but when we do, it’s on like Donkey Kong? Thus instead of discussing the impending doom of Christmas, why not talk about love….

The whole concept of serendipity and love astounds me.  I am a hopeless (incredibly hopeless) romantic, but not in the traditional sense. I don’t want a lavish grand romance with flowers and boxes from Tiffany’s, I want the subtle one where we both compromise and agree that it’s ok to make a fool of ourselves in front of each other. I know there are moments that I am entirely ridiculous, crazy, dancing-in-my-nuddy-pants-foolish, and anyone who can accept that has to be ready to show me the same. Because what is love, if not the most extremely foolish thing you could fall into?

Everyone is different, this is completely true. But in the end, I haven’t met one person that doesn’t want to love or be loved in return. I mean who doesn’t want to spend some time being miserable, hung up, having I-can”t-stop-thinking-about-you-even-when-I’m-eating-boring-Special K– or-dancing- to- Kelly Clarkson-moments? (Not that this happened, remember I’m hopeless, I’m just saying.) Who doesn’t want to feel slightly insane, enamored, confused,  unfocused, yet head over heels in love? I could have used the worst adjectives right then, and you might say, oh no, not me, but let’s be serious, you all know this is what happens.

Love is the end of the world, maybe not THE world, but your world as you knew it. There are no preparations for it, but just look around you- and you’ll see it in plain sight. Love, actually is everywhere, sickeningly so. And if you haven’t had the experience of being 100% foolish in love yet, don’t worry, it’s somewhere out there for you too, waiting to make you an idiot.

Happy Holidays!


P.S. Next post- New Year’s resolutions, I hope you are all ready for that.

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3 Responses to Love, Actually is…. Somewhere

  1. **Jen** says:

    Ahem, I will have to respectfully disagree. While yes, I have been in love, I could really care less if I ever find love again. Love IS indeed everywhere, but not the sappy romantic makes-me-throw-up-a-little love. More like the love of the world, people, nature and self.

    Good blog though, Little Miss Optimism 🙂

    Love you and Merry Christmas!

  2. Diana says:

    On like Donkey Kong… I have to find a way to work this phrase into everyday conversation.

    And I think love is definitely about having someone that you can be your complete self around – all craziness, clumsiness and what not included.

  3. Darrah says:

    I LOVE the optimism. Serendipity is one of my favorite movies as is Love Actually that I watched last night and you referenced very sneakily. I’m glad you are thinking about the magic of Christmas and trying to be optimistic. I don’t think there is a more magical time of year. People out buying presents for others thus thinking about others rather than them selves. Wishing strangers a happy holidays sincerely and they in turn do so to you. I’m not completely naive and know it can turn some people in to scrooges and grinches but what can you do but be merry yourself and hope it rubs off on others.

    Jen, I do believe there are many types of love and that whether it is an all encompassing romantic love or familiar love or friend love if you look you will find it all around you. It is a gift and we should try to love and be loved as much as we can.

    So Alechia hang in there while in NY, try to layer up the best you can, and most importantly have fun. I wait in rapture for you New Years resolutions.

    Merry Christmas

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