My Holiday Wishlist

It’s the most HORRIBLE wonderful time of the year, and since I don’t want to spend too much time lamenting on my disliking of the holiday season, (am I the only one who wishes these crazy shoppers who jab you in the grocery store while you are just trying to buy some Swedish Fish that is right next to the Christmas candy crap, would get eaten by a giant tarantula of holiday justice?) I thought I would create a wishlist. Yes, I too have dreams of grandeur and gifts that I have always wanted but have never asked for. I too, believe that during this magical season of doom merriment dreams really do come true. So here is my holiday wishlist, hopefully Santa reads blogs…

Wishlist of Impossibly Awesome Things:

1. Digital Voice Recorder-Instead of narrating and remembering things in my head, I can say things aloud like- Note to Self: buy more Special K, and also remember to sit farther away from smelly person who is sitting next to me right now- what’s their name? Hey, what’s your name?

2. A lifetime supply of Swedish Fish. (Imagine if you could reanimate Swedish Fish? That would be so scary yet creeptastically awesome!)

3. Breakdancing classes- that way I can look mad fly and fresh to death when on the dance floor. They still breakdance in clubs right?

4. Giant Tarantula- I am so tired of  making idle threats about sicking my giant tarantula on people. For once, I want to be able to threaten people with a giant tarantula AND have the confidence in knowing that I actually have one to do my bidding.

5. A limitless giftcard to Anthropologie-  I need this one Santa!!! Make it happen!

6. Edgar Ramirez- I’m just being honest here, but this guy is amazing, and he speaks 6 languages, Spanish, French, German, Italian, English, and Love. The last one he speaks with his eyes…

7. I wish for all of my friends and family to have the happiest holidays ever. (Awwww I know!) I hope all of you, my happy fun readers, don’t get jabbed, pushed, poked etc, by terrible shoppers, and I promise, that none of you will get eaten by my giant tarantula of holiday justice.

This isn’t my last post before the holidays at all, but the next one will take place before I leave for New York, home of Serendipity and that really big Christmas tree. I’m super excited! So Happy Shopping and preparations!


P.S. Special K diet has been unsuccessful as quite a few of you were against it, and I have been forced into paying for and eating good scrumptious, wholesome warm food. But I still have another box!

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6 Responses to My Holiday Wishlist

  1. kayceanne says:

    I definitely approve of your Christmas wish list. Hope you get everything on it! 🙂

  2. Darrah says:

    OK I am terrified of GIANT spiders. Regular spiders are bad enough but GIANT ones. Really it is like if you said you had a GIANT CLOWN. You would be terrified I know so please don’t tell me about Giant spiders EVER!!!!

    That said I am happy you have a Christmas wish list and are thus getting into the spirit. Next time someone jabs you look them in the eye smile and wish them a happy holidays, if there is no flicker of guilt then “accidentally” jab them back as you reach for candy. Sorry today I have had no such encounters this season. Even at 5am on Black Friday everyone was cheery and friendly. I know I’m just lucky.


  3. **Jen** says:

    I too strongly dislike the holiday season and refuse to play in any reindeer games. The shoppers that annoy me the most are the ones who stand directly in the center of the aisle staring at the merchandise in confusion. If it takes you that long to decide on a gift for someone they will not like it! Don’t even bother!

    However, your wishlist is awesome! I only asked Santa to fill my stocking with hundreds and park a new Corvette under my 2 foot tall christmas tree.

    Love ya!

  4. Nicole says:

    LOVE YOUR XMAS WISH LIST!!! I TOTALLY WANT A endless gift card to antro!! I was just there.. tried on the jean leggings! I always think of you when im there.. sigh.. i wish i lived there !!!

  5. Andrea says:

    Okay, I definitely agree with #’s 2, 5, and 6.

  6. Leslie says:

    mmmmm, Edgar…………………..nuf said

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