Boxes of Doom

Teacher- “Are you paying attention Ms. Dow?”

Me- “I am paying such close attention that I can do nothing else…”

Teacher- “Ok, so answer the question…”

Me- “I currently have no appropriate response to your question as I am unable to ascertain the extent of  knowledgeable information on the subject. Please feel free to ask me again after several minutes of quiet reflection.”

The teacher, seriously named Mrs. Robinson (I got in trouble for singing the song to her too many times) laughed hysterically. I remember the look she gave me as I went on to say that, word for word.  It was disbelief, mixed with pride, mixed with humor. She patted me on the shoulder when she stopped laughing, and said “don’t ever change.”

Years later, and I haven’t changed. I’ve grown up, I think, feel and know more, but the foundation is the same. I’m a crazy thinker, who sometimes wishes that my thoughts could be inside of the box. I mean, I know the box is there, I can touch it and it looks really nice, but my invitation has been lost in the mail FOREVER.  Again, I hate post offices.

The moral of the story is, you can’t change everything, no matter how hard you try. And some of the things you want to change actually make you who you are, so why would you ever want to change that? I say bad people discriminate, normal people tolerate, great people appreciate. And the worst people are the ones who create their own, unofficial box for you and force you into it. Those are the boxes of doom.

Whether you can be inside THE box, or outside of it, like me, be grateful that you were never boxed in. Be grateful you have a choice, to either think crazy (and really I’m not that crazy despite what some of you say, it’s normal to come up with zombie preparedness plans!) or think inside the box, at least you can think for yourself. At least you still know who you are. Don’t be so quick to change.


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4 Responses to Boxes of Doom

  1. Diana says:

    I love that story! And I love refusing to conform to someone else’s box 🙂

  2. Darrah says:

    I think we had a conversation about this not too long ago. Who wants to be in the stupid box anyway? I don’t! I think I want a castle by the sea or a mansion on a private lake. Boxes are for shipping things in, for presents, and for Jack. They are not for me or for you. Glad you are embracing your “You-ness” keep on keeping on I wouldn’t want if any other way. ~D~

  3. Kayce Horgan says:

    Why to embrace who you are and to not change! It is very important that we embrace ourselves and not change anything about us to fit into other peoples boxes. If we change to fit into others boxes, we will slowly lose ourselves until we no longer recognize who we are. We will have lost those little pieces of uniqueness that made us different.

  4. Alechia we are DOWS, we definatelty are a different cut from the rest and i love my strange qualities as i love yours. it is so very wonderful to think outside the box…or as we do create our own multi-layered….multi-dimensional …box-like thingies….lol.

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