That’s It, I Quit, I’m Moving On

So I was thinking (EATING) a lot over this past weekend I spent in Napa, and I felt really inspired. Ok, so I did do a fair amount of eating, (I had the BEST scallops EVER) and drinking (marvelous Napa napa_valleywines from Chardonnay to Pinot Grigio reigned supreme!) but I swear, I never forgot about you, my happy readers and WordPress. If anything you were always on my mind, not in that creepy Elvis way, but you know in that, awww I love you way.

So anyway, I was out in Napa, looking at stuff, eating lots of stuff, spending time with an old friend, when I got hit with an epiphany. I mean do you get hit with them? I guess some people just have them, but mine was like a wayward frisbee that hit me straight in the head. Except I didn’t fall or break anything this time, or hear shouting like hey watch out for that... and then you know, BAM it smacks you in the head. Yeah that didn’t happen, but back to the epiphany. I realized there are three types of people in the world- the people who get it, the people who don’t, and those who vacillate between indifference or interest. When it comes to humor, I get it. I enjoy the nuances of sarcasm, saying absolutely insane things, making jokes, and laughing. Laughter is the best medicine for so many different ailments, and I sometimes think life itself is an ailment that needs laughter as a remedy. It’s a hindrance; we won’t take risks, we don’t always chase after what we want, we eat low-carb all veggie meals, and we safeguard ourselves, especially with love. Why? Because life is the longest thing we will ever do, and we want to make it meaningful, we don’t want to embarrass ourselves, and we want to preserve ourselves even if we have to make sacrifices. I get it.

Like the movie The Holiday (my favorite), sometimes you have to go somewhere new, outside of your realm both physically and mentally to find the many faces of yourself. You are never exactly as you think you are; when you go somewhere new, you find that you are funnier, smarter, happier, etc. than you were back where you were, and why? Because you get to refresh, break out of the conformity and experience something new. For me, it’s those things that make me the happy, fun-loving, crazy thinking person IDSCN1573 am that I found on this trip. There are so many negative distractions that can take you down and make you forget yourself to the point that when you look in the mirror, you are surprised at the person staring back. Deep right? It’s true. I want to remember my face, my personality, and I needed to say that’s it, I quit, I’m moving on.

So purge those things that bring you down, tell them you quit, (maybe not your job, times are tough), but that guy/girl who makes you suffer, that diet that is making you sleepy and unfulfilled (there are always better ways, I’m proof of that), people who aren’t really your friends, and other stupid things like mailing packages out when you frickin’ hate the post office. (That’s just me though). Anyway, move on to new places, new and old great friends, new things, because you never want to be left behind with the old things that never made you happy. And don’t forget to laugh. Be the person who gets it.


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6 Responses to That’s It, I Quit, I’m Moving On

  1. Kayce Horgan says:

    Thanks for the reminder! It is so easy to forget who we are, to allow the mundane to pull us down and to shape who we are. Life does not determine who we are or what our personality is like, we do! And sometimes getting away from things helps put our lives in perspective. I think I need a mini-vacation now!

  2. Diana says:

    So true. I love getting a glimpse of where I really want to be in life. Sometimes the daily monotony keeps you down, and you’ve just got to step outside it for awhile. And I am definitely all for quitting on things that drag you down. Life is too short to spend it worrying about stuff that we don’t need to.

  3. **Jen** says:

    I absolutely LOVE this! IT’s so true in so many ways. I’ve found over the years you have to ask yourself ‘is it worth it?’ whether that pertains to a friend/relationship/lover/job. While life IS the longest journey, it’s also incredibly short, too short to be anything but happy.

    Oh and by the way, where’s my wine???

  4. Alechia i couldnt agree completely more… i need to refresh too

  5. Nicole says:

    nicely done alechia!! i loved it!!! 🙂 i concur with all of it!! I laughed when i read about the post office!! lol

  6. Darrah says:

    If you can dedicate time every spring to clean your house out why can’t you dedicate time every year to clean your life out? I’ve had to do this a few times. It may not be easy but in the long run it makes you feel so much lighter and free. Life should be enjoyed and embraced if something is dragging you down how can this possibly be accomplished.

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