Puddle Jumping

Once upon a time, in a land far, far, away, there was a young writer who had this amazing ability to write well. She could write meaningful, funny, satirical, and honest pieces that people enjoyed reading. She was thoughtful, and never afraid of how people felt about her writing, her opinions or even her. I admired this writer because she had then what I want now; the inability to be affected by the negative.

It’s said that artists use their pain to inspire their work. Jane Austen was jane-austenalone in life, and she used her romantic notions to pen seven literary works that inspired love. That old writer I knew, could take even the most humiliating, painful experiences and turn them into a comedy with heart.

Once she wrote The Guide to Puddle Jumping;  an unpublished and I believe unfinished, piece of work. In it she said, “I’ve always viewed life as a series of puddles waiting to be jumped in.” She went on to say that puddles were unique because you can look at a puddle and sometimes have no idea how deep it is until you Here_comes_rain_againjump in. You don’t know how big of a splash it will make, but you do know  that at one point you are going to jump and there will be a splash. You could get dirty, or you could be refreshed.  But all in all, there are no guarantees in puddle jumping. Because there are no guarantees in life. And I agree with her;  the sooner you realize that nothing is guaranteed, the more you can understand and appreciate life.

Now this is not intended as a sad post, because it isn’t sad. It’s a reflection I am sharing with you because well, every so often we have to pause and reflect. We have to take time to collect ourselves, feel what we need to feel, blooming_in_the_rainand move forward from there. To be painfully honest, I am in the process of reminding myself of those things that make me the happy, fun seeking, food loving, and crazy thinking person I am. Because I have every intention of moving forward. There is nothing but the remains of splashed puddles behind me,  and I think a big rainstorm is coming.  Hope you brought your boots.


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5 Responses to Puddle Jumping

  1. Kayce Horgan says:

    You never know what life has in store for us until we take that leap of faith or puddle jump. It takes a lot of courage to puddle jump and it may not always turn out like you thought it would; but if you allow yourself the courage and freedom to jump there are so many new and interesting things that you will experience, discover, and enjoy in life. Props to you Alechia for having the courage to continue puddle jumping! I bet you have some awesome puddle jumping boots! 🙂

  2. Darrah says:

    Alechia lets go out and buy some awesome wellies. You can even buy warmers for them so your feet don’t get too cold. Then we can go and jump in as many puddles as we want and have a bit of protection. As always my friend remember that though there are many puddles in our lives caused by the many storms that come and go we get through them together. 🙂 Love Ya,


  3. Another amazing piece….i do believe you are becoming a better writer everyday. lol….we have been through some crazy storms Alechia but thats what makes life interesting… i will jump with you anytime you know this…i love you.

  4. jen says:

    I really like this one Alechia! You really do just have to close your eyes and jump right in.

  5. Diana says:

    I love it! Maybe that writer could write “The New Guide to Puddle Jumping” from today’s perspective where she can see both the positive and the negative 🙂

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