A Love Letter

I read a lot, oftentimes when I should be doing something more productive like papers I need to write in order 161036-main_Fullto graduate. But alas, if I did everything I am supposed to do in the cookie-cutter shape that is my time these days, I would lose my mind. Nevertheless, I was reading the food blog 101 Cookbooks by Heidi Swanson and it reminded me of one of the dreams I have….

Writing, living, learning, creating, and connecting with food. Eating is pretty awesome too, but nothing is better than being mesmerized by good food. Sometimes I will just look at it in wonder, questioning how it 051092064-01-apricot-baklava-recipecame to be- who made this? How did they know all of this stuff would go together? What techniques were used? These are good questions for marvelous chefs who create art behind those swinging doors in the kitchen.

What makes food so beautiful? The nature of it for one. Looking at natural ingredients that were ok on their own, but together they can become a masterpiece. It’s like love. You are ok on your own, but when you may find green_beanssomeone that complements you, it’s a masterpiece in the making. Isn’t that a romantic notion? Of course, you may indeed find someone that brings out the worst in you, and like food, it leaves a bad taste in your mouth. But it amazes me how similar such things are in life. Food, love, art. To attest to my amazement, I wrote a love letter. Simple and sweet, just the way I like it.

Dear Food,

You inspire me. I cannot live without you. I am so happy to have you in my life because everyday is a reason to start with a smile, just knowing I will see your many forms, taste your many flavors, feel your many textures. You are forever changing, but to me you will always be the same. You make me who I am, and for that I owe you so much. I will never take you for granted. And how could I?

Although it’s not always easy sharing, I would willingly give you to every person in the world, so that they could love you just as much as I do. Because if they did, some would not waste you so often, others would take joy in your long-awaited presence, and most would know and feel just how much you mean to them.

You are precious. You are my love, the extra pep in my step, and literally the apple of my eye. You are cooler than any cucumber, the cream of any crop, the top banana, and the greatest thing before and after sliced bread. You are beautiful, and you make me feel good head to toe. I love you.


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5 Responses to A Love Letter

  1. **Jen** says:

    Aww Alechia! Very well written. I love your passion, and how it (passion for food) can be related to different aspects of life 🙂 Good job sis!

  2. Alechia that was very well written….you described your love and passion for food so perfectly. In fact you made me hungry…i want your brownies.

  3. Kayce Horgan says:

    That is an amazing love letter! Oh My Goodness, that was amazing! That letter is perfect for human or food! Love it!

  4. Andrea says:

    Alechia! this is so good. I read it and just want to be madly in love with someone and eat some amazing food at the same time.

  5. Savannah says:

    Awesome blog!

    I thought about starting my own blog too but I’m just too lazy so, I guess Ill just have to keep checking yours out.

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