Revenge of the Hungry Hungry Hippos

Insatiable beasts just want to have fun… but what happens to those lovable overindulging beasts when the society that used to love their gluttonous ways leaves them curbside and asks how can you love something that doesn’t love itself? Good question….3156030580_edf10075b8

Moderation is good. Variation is ideal. And how much is enough or too much? A vast amount of overweight and obese people who want to lose weight find that the more they quest for weight loss the less they actually eat. And you know what, that isn’t sexy. Actually, I have been accused a good amount in life that I don’t eat enough, and I always asked- huh? Me?  I am the average size of women in America; I eat too much.

Over my lifetime, I have struggled with what society tells us is pretty because hungry hippos aren’t pretty. Fat is ugly, right? And fat people that eat, what could be uglier than that?  (Please not the sarcasm here.) There is so much pressure to be beautiful in society, and one perception is that skinny people are the most sought after… the most striking. What has this done to everyone else that cannot claim to be skinny? We don’t think of ourselves as sexy, and our confidence plummets. We start hiding behind excessive clothing, and when someone looks at us, we hope they don’t see our flaws as easily as we do. We want to be loved but who could love us?

The thing about Hungry Hungry Hippos; we never judge them, we play the game because we think it’s fun. They’re hippos, they aren’t people. But real big people, they deserve judgement- they need to know how disgusting it is to be big


and take up space, and how unattractive they are. They need to know that they will never be loved, because big people aren’t capable of love- they don’t even love themselves enough to be skinny. Right?

Watch out because a game that has nothing to do with reality has everything to do with perception. What happens if people begin thinking skinny is disgusting? When we see a girl’s well defined ribcage poking through her bikini… is it still sexy? Don’t be so quick to judge, I would hate to be on the receiving end of those hippos, that are put down every day for just being themselves, when they have their rightful revenge.


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2 Responses to Revenge of the Hungry Hungry Hippos

  1. Kayce Horgan says:

    An amazingly insightful post! We need to stop judging people for how they look on the outside and start looking at who they are on the inside. Its the inside that really counts. When we start judging people for how they look we begin a vicious cycle that is going to come back and bite us in the arse. If we judge others we should expect to be judged ourselves, which begins the process of comparing our bodies to others, worrying, and hating the way we look. Focusing on how a person looks is destructive, it destroys self-esteem and leads to dangerous habits. So thank you for raising this issue!

  2. **Jen** says:

    Have you ever played an intense game of Hungry Hungry Hippos and got your fingers caught in a hippo’s mouth? OUCH! Not fun!

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