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Get ready because I am NOT writing about food, societal issues, libraries, or really my usual themes. I AM writing about the wonders of the opposite sex. Normally, I would never write a post about this but I just couldn’t resist. I was reading some online articles when I came across something so delightfully and sickeningly funny. I actually laughed so hard tears came to my eyes, and not because it was meant to be funny but because it was so…. unusual.

So I came across, a site for men about how to get women. This should make you smile already. With such winning articles like Grauman's Chinese TheatreSmiling Your Way to the Lay, Why Cats Attract Women and You Don’t, and my personal favorite The Secret of Being Almost Completely Irresistible to Women, how could any guy go wrong?

No, it is not my plan to bash this site, actually I really like it. The titles make me laugh but there is so much substance as well. For instance he (it has to be a he) says that men are clueless because they don’t practice or study and “…women have been studying “us” since they were old enough to read. When we’re out digging in the dirt, playing ball, or watching cartoons, they’re pouring over the latest edition of Seventeen and discovering ‘New Kissing Techniques that Will Leave Him Drooling.'”

Women always want to understand men, and men say they can’t42-16606003 understand women. I love it, the mystery and silliness of it all. And he is right, women have been studying guys for a really long time, and we aren’t any closer to figuring them out as they are at figuring us out. That’s why these little sources of tips and info are so welcome. We need cosmo and sosuave, relationship books and friendly pats on the shoulder after someone tells us to just talk to the person that caught our attention., as a business, is booming. It receives a million times more readership than I ever will… sure the site tells men how to get and keep their woman/women, yeah it said that, and it tells them how to be a Don Juan, but you have to love the initiative. And you also have to love the fact that we are all clueless when it comes to the opposite sex. Some of us are just more open to taking risks.


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2 Responses to So Suave Dot Com

  1. Kayce Horgan says:

    I am thinking, dare I say it, that guys are actually smarter than girls! And here is why…Neither one of us understands the opposite sex but girls put alot more effort and time into trying to understand guys. Yet in the end girls do not have more insight or wisdom into the opposite sex than guys do of girls.

  2. Darrah says:

    I this Gerard Butler is a dish. AHH ok so I’m glad there is a male version of cosmo so to speak. Very interesting.

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