Conveniently Inconvenient

Sometimes I think I have seen it all, sometimes I think I know it all, and most times, I realize I’m too young to boast either of these feats. It’s one of those moments you have when you realize you are a student of the world, and although someday you may become a teacher, you still have a lot more to learn. This week, I was schooled about food.


If you have been reading regularly (and you have good retention of information), you would know that when I say good food, I mean food that is equally healthy and tasty. And by healthy, I don’t mean there is a lack of butter or any nonsense like that, I mean it is unprocessed, all natural food, which in a sense, is quite healthy. That is why good food is so conveniently inconvenient. It is the most expensive, involves prep work, patience, and often times, transportation to get to. Thus, it’s the bad food that is the most inconveniently convenient food out there- you can find it at your local marts, in vending machines; the most easily accessible places. Stuck in the middle of nowhere on a highway, pull on over at a gas station, it is a storehouse of some of the most notoriously bad food out there.foodMartBig

So, say I have been eating good food my entire life, which is mostly true (I told you I am a food snob!), I have evidence to back my arguments! My love of good food has made me healthier than the average person, in fact my cholesterol is lower than most people in America, including teenagers. There are two types of cholesterol, LDL- the bad stuff, and HDL- the good stuff. Now let’s move on to lipids. Having good cholesterol will hopefully be accompanied by a healthy amount of lipid reserves. If you have this, you will maintain and expand neural functioning- your brain will be happy. You will also have energy reserves, for heating your skin when it is cold, or for functioning without food for a few days. Now I could even get more technical, but the point is- eating natural foods is proven to be better for you. Ha!

So two more things to say- first, as per my plan stated last post, 6 pounds have said goodbye, 3 per week. And no, fat was not mypyramidomitted, nor was chocolate, but exercised were moderation and understanding of the food pyramid and what it is all about. Also nice long walks wearing headphones and dreaming up more maybe situations, but I’ll save those for a later post.

Lastly, make good food convenient, although the food industry does it’s darndest to make it as inconvenient as possible. Go forth, and storm the supermarkets, make requests, put up a fuss. Because at the end of the day, the way you eat dictates the way you live. A good life is made by good food.Sichuan Peppercorn Tenderloin Steak 500

So that is it for now! Until next time,


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2 Responses to Conveniently Inconvenient

  1. Diana says:

    So very true! I’m trying to gradually eliminate processed foods and make more and more from scratch. Some items take more time than it’s worth, but so many things (hummus, yogurt, salsa, tomato sauce, pesto) are just too easy not to make from scratch.

  2. Kevin Tuma says:

    I agree with your comments on lovely actress Marilyn Monroe, who probably was never a Size 16, but she wasn’t any 120 pounds, either.

    I would guesstimate that at her slimmest, once she became a star, she was over 140 pounds, and in the films “Some Like It Hot”, “The Prince and the Showgirl”, and “Let’s Make Love”, she looked closer to 160 or thereabouts. Marilyn was thinner than that as an obscure bit starlet, and thinner still toward the end of her career, nearing her death, but during her heyday, she was voluptuous. So while Size 16 is probably an exaggeration, I would be very surprised if she wasn’t at least a 10-12 during the middle years of her celebrity.

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