The Diet must Die

The first cooking show I ever watched was Julia Child, an old rerun, but still one of my earliest and fondest cooking show memories. As a kid, before school (and we are even talking kindergarden here) I watched cooking shows. When I came JuliaChild-2home, they never seemed to be on. And now we have a whole network dedicated to providing cooking shows 24/7. How exciting! I think Julia would be proud. I don’t think, however, she would be proud of the new diet food trends sweeping the country.

The new diets, South Beach, The Skinny Bitch (excuse my language but a title is a title) series, no fat, low-cal, no sugar, no carbs, pre-made, no fun diets are all around us. As are the skinny models, and I remember a particularly skinny British oneskinny_bitch saying- “eating food is boring, I know I have to and I would, but….” Sorry, eating is never boring. If it is, you aren’t eating good food. Moving on.  All of these diets fail to recognize that a hundred years ago, we didn’t have diets, we ate what we could afford to eat. The difference is, the food back in the day didn’t have so much bad stuff in it. Now don’t go blaming butter, butter was never your enemy. But high fructose corn syrup, among several others, just doesn’t seem….. natural to be in so many products. My pasta sauce doesn’t need any stinking sugar, especially chemically engineered sugar.

Am I being harsh? Hardly. Skip the diet food, and go for colors. The more natural colors you see in your food choices, the better you will feel at the end of the day. As Julia once said, “I just hate health food”, and also one of my favorites, “the only time to eat diet food is while you’re waiting for the steak to cook”. And she had a point. Naturally anything with the title of health/diet food will have a bad connotation.

Now, that I have said this, I feel obligated to tell you my idea, but first some info. The thing is, I am a food snob. In the sense that I love good food so much, that I will refuse to eat anything that falls below my standards. Diet food, and really bad food don’t reach those standards. Good food is like a party that I never want to end. And thus there is a problem, and I believe a solution.

Here is the idea that I hope will be a solution. I am going to do exactly as my advice dictates. I will eat more color, less low-fat-dietprocessed, good food, in healthy portions. And because you are all holding me to it, (I know about half of you readers!) I will give you little updates. Will my plan work? No idea. But will it be better than any diet out there? You betcha. Why? Because I am changing a lifestyle not so much my diet. There will be butter when it is necessary, and there will be carbs. And believe me, if sugar is needed, you bet I am using the real stuff. Also, I am not taking out the fun stuff like chocolate because we have a special relationship. So if I can eat this way, and reach my ultimate goal, will I prove the diet companies, who are rolling in commercialized dough, wrong? I really hope so. It all begins now.

Until next time,


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7 Responses to The Diet must Die

  1. Gina says:

    Good post, Allie! It reminded me of something that I came across on YouTube called “Depression Cooking with Clara.” It is just a little old lady that cooks exactly the way she learned to cook while growing up in the Great Depression. I completely agree with you, in the past, the notion of Atkins, or similar diets, would have seemed ridiculous. People just didn’t have the means to eat in that fashion. People ate local produce, canned what you could, and scrounged for the rest.
    What amazes me is that many things that our ancestors could have come by in there day to day survival have become more expensive than the chemically-altered junk. Real meat, organic vegetables, unrefined sugar…why are we paying extra for these products now when (during the chemical food explosion of the 1950s) they became passe’?

  2. ivenxadytia says:

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  3. Diana says:

    I think this really is the best way to go. Diets only give temporary results – and as soon as one stops, all the weight comes back. Food should bring joy, it should be delicious. I can’t understand these programs that have you eat all frozen dinners to lose weight. Good, natural food, made from scratch as much as possible and in reasonable proportions, is the way to go.

  4. Darrah says:

    I just love Julia Child. I used to watch her after school everyday.

  5. Ferdinand says:

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