Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Fattiness

Here are three guaranteed truths- if you are reading this, you are alive. Since you are alive, you probably enjoy your liberty, regardless of what flag you wave. Lastly, since you enjoy your liberty, because you are alive, you need fat. Fat is essential to life. Just like food is essential to existence. Why am I telling you this? Because I have an idea.

Say you found out that you were going to live forever no matter what- that would be kind of cool. What would you do?  Say you found out that you are going to die tomorrow. What would you do? Last time I swear, say you found out that no matter what you eat, you will not gain any weight, and your body would function just as normal. What would you do? Here is something you would do in either of these three cases; you will eat something fattening and tasty because you can, even ifcheeseburger you are going to live forever, die tomorrow, or not gain any weight. Some of us don’t need an excuse, some of us have sworn off fat because we want to trim our waistline, and some of us need a reason, any reason at all to sink their teeth into something so sinfully delicious.

What we don’t always think about the fat we already eat. We view it as a treat, something we need to work off later, or something we simply cannot have. Here’s the deal, in the course of a day, look at everything you eat. That healthy television dinner has some fat in it, maybe just from being processed. That same amount of fat can come from a homemade pizza, a 19_televisiondinner_lgfudge brownie, or even a cheeseburger you made yourself, you could even put some fancy cheese or bacon on it. Which would you rather get fat from? The healthy, maybe not so satisfying TV dinner, or the treat you didn’t think your body deserved? Do you really need to think about it?

I was inspired by the new movie about Julia Child, which leads me to ask- what if I found a way to tell you fat is good? As Julia Child used to say, “fat gives things flavor.” Are we really going to give that up? I love flavor, and so should you, it’s the best part of eating- tasting. So I have an idea, because now I am at war with the visions of society and the marketing of processed foods. I look forward to the next post. Until next time,


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