I Say Potato, They Say French Fry

Is the food industry to blame for the ever increasing obesity? According to new sources, it is. Hmmmm….. really? You think?

First, I’ll say this- the food industry has several different entities; restaurants, grocery stores, fast food chains, convenience stores, cooking schools, hotels, spas, clubs, casinos, your kitchen…. Anywhere and everywhere purchased food is consumed by someone is ultimately a part of the food industry. Unless you planted that food yourself, harvested it, raised your own cattle, and only used that food for you, then you are definitely in deep business with the food industry. You have been a willing member of the industry since birth, and there’s no way out now. Better question is- do you want to get out?6a010536eceaf8970b01116868ce63970c-800wi

The comparison between the tobacco industry and the food industry has been thrown around a lot recently. The two target very different areas, but the way they market products that are detrimental to you and everyone else is really quite similar. That Camel on the cigarette box sure is cute but he isn’t going to help you when your lungs are stained black with tar. And Wendy, with her easy smile and adorable red hair looks great on the side of your soda but you probably don’t WENDYS LOGOlook at her, you just want something to sip on after taking a big bite of your triple cheeseburger. Wendy doesn’t look at all depressed or concerned that you are gaining weight unnecessarily because she is making money, and money is kind of more important than your health. At least that’s what the food industry thinks, right?

Research suggests the lack of exercise has nothing to do with weight gain, the rise in caloric intake does though. Thus, you may be eating a normal sized meal, but there are more calories in that meal thanks to processing. You could exercise more, but in the end, it wouldn’t matter if you continued eating processed foods. You will still gain weight. But here is another big issue: children. The food industry targets so much crap (Cakesters, Poptarts, Doritos, Pizza rolls…, etc.) to children that if you think about pyschology you would know they couldn’t resist it. Kids are ruled by their id; they want their cake and the want to eat it too, and their need for constant and instant gratification is what makes them kids. They can’t critically think, wow that Poptart is not good for me. So shame on you Food Industry, instead of stealing candy from babies, you are giving it right back to them super-sized. lollipops2

I’m not ready to blame the food industry entirely for obesity, but I think they share the reposibility. People make their own decisions and even people that can afford good food still go for the bad. Economically, the bad food is cheaper and the less money you have, the more calories you get. It’s true for children, and it’s true for you.

The proposed action is to tax processed foods more, make them a little bit more expensive so that they aren’t the better deal. Maybe then the price of good food will be a little cheaper and a little bit more tempting to people that want to eat right but couldn’t afford to before. At this time, we all need a little help doing the right thing, because doing the wrong thing is usually much easier.

Just a thought.


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3 Responses to I Say Potato, They Say French Fry

  1. привет , не подумай что я спамер там и так далее
    но пишешь ты реально круто! 🙂

  2. Your blog is so interesting! I have subscribed on rss and I will read it regullary/

  3. Very interesting blog! Subscribed on rss. Regular will read it

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