Hitting Maybe One More Time

I love Maybe because it explores the extraordinary, and I really like extraordinary, but you probably knew that. Here’s why I am giving Maybe another shot- I visited California, experienced some awesomely weird circumstances,  and I have no idea what the future holds. So in an attempt to take my mind of the endless paths that are either dead ends or have too many forks, I am thinking about the paths that only your mind can take you to.

So here’s another list of maybe….

1. Maybe, while applying to several amazing colleges and universities, I will receive a letter in the mail asking for my expertise at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. I will, of course, say yes. Once there, I will unravel a magical mystery involving food, magic, and an evil wizard named Vanillamort. Trust me, the name is sweet, but the wizard is indeed sour.  1428293794_1e86177533

2. Maybe I won’t worry about the future but think about the present, because in the end, the present is what makes the future. And maybe I will find that I have overlooked something in the present that will allow the future to make sense.

3. Maybe I will join the cast of Grey’s Anatomy for a season. In this season, I will save the lives of twelve children after a bad school bus accident. One of those children is an orphan, and I will seriously consider adopting her because I have no one to love since all of the best male characters are attached. Toward the end of the season, I will find out that I will need brain surgery, but unfortunately Derek had a mental breakdown.

4. Maybe while attending a party I will meet a pompous and stuffy man named Mr. Darcy. He will wound my pride, and I will invoke his prejudice. But through our interactions, he will redeem himself and I will stop being blindsighted by myimages stubborn ways. He will tell me that I have bewitched him body and soul, and he love, love, loves me….. it will be wonderful.

5. Maybe I will move to NYC and run into Blair, Serena, Chuck, Dan and Nate. I will have to help them stop a cheating accountant from taking their trust funds using my awesome logical sense and sharp designer clothes. And then maybe Blair will go back to Chuck, Serena will find someone new, Dan will hook up with Vanessa, and Nate will get over himself. All will be well in the world of Gossip Girl, XOXO…

6. Maybe on my night off, I will walk into a bar and see a bunch of people in red uniforms. I am ordering a drink when a fight breaks out, and I run over and rescue the impossibly charming and incredibly handsome Jim Kirk of the U.S.S. images-1Enterprise. He persuades me come aboard, so that we can fall in love… in space, the final frontier.

7. Maybe U2 will invite me to a private concert where they will play all of my favorite songs and invite me to sing along. Also at the private concert will be President Obama, Morgan Freeman, Denzel Washington, J.K Rowling, Meg Cabot, Adam Brody, Will Ferrell, and for good measure, Coldplay. They will all be super nice and want to talk to me about anything and everything.

8. Maybe, while discussing politics and foreign policy at a coffee shop,  the man of my dreams, who I have the biggest crush on ever, comes in and begins singing the Falling In Love At a Coffee Shop song to me with guitar accompaniment. And then I accidently spill my venti soy hot chocolate no whip on him but he still loves me anyway.

9. Maybe Bon Appetit will realize that I am a superb food writer and will stop deliberating and hire me already. Then I can move into an awesome New York condo, get a dog whom I will either name Miko or Moo, and we will live happily ever images3after.

10. Maybe after taking the tests, finishing the applications, the school of my dreams will accept me. Maybe I will know what school that is….

11. Maybe I will ace the test so well that the government comes to recruit me to a private sector located deep within the FBI. Through working this job,  I will find that the most mythical and unrealistic creatures are the_x_files_i_want_to_believeindeed alive, and indeed very deadly. I must cover up their sinister existence through sheer determination and intelligence, also with the help of my partner, David Duchovney, or Fox Mulder.

12. Maybe while walking home from the library I will witness a battle between vampires and werewolves. I will try to walk away from it, but since I have witnessed their very existence I must choose between what I shall become. On one side there is a hot vampire named Gabriel, and on the other, there is a super-sweet werewolf named Jack. Maybe I will pick the right side…..

13. Maybe the food network will allow me to travel the world and document my food findings. I will call my documentary- The Foodie’s Lark or The Fabulous Food Diaries…. Not sure yet. I will eat amazing food, and see this big ole’ world of small people.

14. Maybe I will find the answer to Robert Frost’s Fire & Ice poem, is it better to die of desire which is fire, or is it better to die of indifference which is ice? Maybe when I am older and have tasted them better, I will know of desire and indifference thrice.

15. Maybe for my birthday, all of my friends,  near and far, will come together and surprise me for the best night of my life. We’ll laugh, sing, drink martinis, dance, and tell the best stories.

That’s all I have for now. Look for an actual post on an actual subject later next week. Life has been crazy, but I wouldn’t want it any other way. Until next time,


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2 Responses to Hitting Maybe One More Time

  1. Diana says:

    I love this post! After working on comps all day, this put a smile on my face. I wonder who I would invite to my dream concert…

  2. Jessie says:

    I love #4. It’s one of my maybes as well. 🙂

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