I’m Only Here for the Food

It’s the event of the season that will have you questioning everything…..

I’m trying to be serious here because it is a serious subject. Everything that I have ever written has been leading to this three part series; I have been working so hard on this that I even forgot to eat. (Blatant lie) So with this I have one sentence- Let’s talk food.

Some people love talking about politics, religion, hair, future prospects, and talking about talking about these things. But I ask you, no I implore you- have we even started the conversation on the big things? Chocolate, cheese, chimichangas, chicken, … bread, breakfast, braising, brown butter….. wine, water, wasabi, and weebles that wobble but don’t fall down? That’s right! When are we going to have a talk about a few of my favorite things? Julie Andrews got a whole catchy song- it’s about time I have a few paragraphs.


You already know (at least you should if you’ve been reading) my sincere love for chocolate, and yummy foods. I am presenting you with the best of the best, the amazing treats in each category that everyone should try once in their life. Although I admit once you start, it’s hard going back. Now it’s list time…

1. Cheese, so yummy and gummy- let’s go. Fried brie, asiago with roasted bluecheeseveggies in basil and olive oil, FRESH mozzarella with tomatoes maybe a little balsamic and salt and pepper, gruyere in little pastry puffs called gougeres, chevre- anytime any place any kind, camenbert with bread and red wine, brebis (never had this one but I know it’s good because my French sources told me so, and they recommend it with) herbed crackers or bread, and the other top treat- pepperjack (the good kind) just plain, do you need a reason?

2. Bread….. crusty and crunchy, doughy and delicious, hard and hearty. (I really like alliterations today!) Favorites- roasted garlic ciabatta with a dipping sauce mixture of balsamic vinaigrette-olive oil-crushed reditalianbruschetta peppers-salt-pepper-rosemary,….. tomato-pepper-and onion focaccia with a pesto paste, honey wheat bread with a soft whipped butter, crunchy baguette (the real kind which equals the French kind, you can tell this by the exterior, it will be mighty hard and flaky) with gnutella, sourdough with mango apricot jam, challah served French toast style, cranberry walnut rolls, and my favorite comfort food- cinnamon raisin bread- plain and not toasted.

3. Wine- full and floaty, bodied and bubbly…. Champagne especially with dark chocolate, Asti (we aren’t talking the cheap stuff here) with macerated (soaked for hours in the very same wine) raspberries, Rosa Regale Brachetto
wine_965871d’Aqui- simply sweet light and tasty with maybe a very low sugar fruit compote and a streusel topping, merlot- just to drink which I do a lot of lately, Pinot Grigio with pizza (that is- yummy pizza), Shiraz and curried chicken, Pinot Blanc for cooking salmon, Gewürztraminer with some crackers and cheese, Eiswein with bitter orange and passion fruit mousse, and lastly, Vin Santo with some Grannysmith apple slices.

4. Breakfast items- this is the longest and the last category of this post. What’s not to love about breakfast? Butter, bacon, bananas…. or eggs, english muffins, or empty stomachs eager to reach their fill after waking up? Here are a few of my favorites- pain au chocolat- croissants filled with chocolate,

cp1237-205 scrambled eggs with some crushed red peppers- basil-salt-and of course pepper, french toast stuffed with caramelized bananas and topping of blueberry coulis (fresh fruit sauce), homemade waffles (using the meringue method) with gnutella (I really love gnutella ok?) or a brown sugar-honey- and pecan concoction, strawberry cinnamon pancakes with a light maple syrup drizzle- topped with cinnamon sugar and cinnamon granola, lemon poppyseed muffins fresh from the bakery, Mom & Pop homemade doughnut shops where you get (OH YES) fresh doughnuts of all kinds of varieties, crepes with apple slices on a pool of Creme Anglaise, back in the day I loved me some Berry Berry Kix but they don’t sell that anymore, brown sugar cream of wheat, and my personal favorite- home fries done right… spicy, crispy with a soft interior sliced into cubes, with onions, butter, molasses, honey and an amalgam of spices that excite the palate. Is that too much to ask for?

So that said- I’m finished for this post. I hope you leave your comments and ideas, think I missed something or do you have a favorite I maybe haven’t tried? Tell me.

See you next time, XOXO


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2 Responses to I’m Only Here for the Food

  1. Hi, interesting post. I have been pondering this topic,so thanks for writing. I will definitely be subscribing to your posts.

  2. Darrah says:

    ok so Pain au Chocolate is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!

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