Live Sweet or Die Bitter

Harsh sounding? Yes. Awesome? Heck yes. Let’s go.

Ever wonder why you get addicted to food? The sweetness, the saltiness, the crunchiness, the fluffiness, the greasiness, sometimes even the bitterness…? Why does your mouth crave certain flavors, and certain feelings that only food can give? I know that I crave a multitude of flavors and textures at all different times- mostly because variety in food keeps you happy.  It’s a sweet deal if you can keep your mouth happy without getting bitter over the need for variety. Variety in food requires an open-mind, some people aren’t ready for that. Yet, eating the same thing everyday is going to make you bitter believe me. Which leads me to say this: Living sweet is much better than dying bitter.


Side note here- I just got back from a cruise recently, and let me tell you something. Cruise food rocks:  it was this experience that gave me the inspiration for the new post.

Food is yummy. Now remember my earlier blogs; good wholesome food is yummy. So here’s my story. I was sitting at a restaurant talking about food. Surprise surprise. I have a great friend, back on dry land at the time, that enjoys McDonald’s, doesn’t care for most foods because of the way they look, and sometimes because (s)he doesn’t want to try anything new. That’s not really a problem- to each their own. Doesn’t mean we can’t be friends. But as I sat at the restaurant, talking to another friend about why our mouth gets addicted to feeling a certain way, I went on a little speech.

Our mouth yearns for fat. It’s completely addictive in it’s smoothness and creaminess. (yes, more ness words!) Say my above mentioned friend loves chicken mcnuggets. Does (s)he even taste them anymore, or is her/his brain remembering the way they taste and feel? Like ice cream, you really only taste the first bite and then the rest is just fat coating your tongue and allowing for the flavor to linger. When we eat sushi, we eat a little pickled ginger to cleanse our palate so that we taste again. Handy dandy little tool if I do say so myself.


Why don’t we do this with other foods? Easy. We should.

In culinary school, it’s the objective. A dessert should have several components in an attempt to give your palate an array of textures and tastes that will keep you from eating the same exact thing twice on a plate. Good restaurants do this, some don’t. The point is, don’t let your mouth get bored. Give it a lot of different feelings, and you’ll get full but more than that, you’ll be satisfied.

Live sweet or die bitter. As I said I would always choose the former, I mean who would pick the latter? It’s a life point I am making. We all have problems and ideas that keep us down. We need to laugh sometimes when we would rather be crying. We have to look up in the sky when we find it easier to stare down at the ground. We have to accept loss instead of linger on it. We all lose something or someone we treasure. But we have to be able to find the sweet even when it’s bitter. You see- the ideals of food are the same as the ones for life. Food is life, and life is awesome.


Deep? I try.

Until next time, XOXO


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2 Responses to Live Sweet or Die Bitter

  1. Diana says:

    I hadn’t thought about the fact that we only really taste things on the first bite. But it makes so much sense. I think this is why I don’t like casseroles – all the flavors are mixed together, so instead of experiencing separate tastes and textures with each bite, it all tastes the same.

  2. Jessie says:

    I actually try to make a real effort to taste my food. I watch people just scarf it down all the time and I think, “How are they enjoying what they’re eating?” I strive to enjoy my food. Otherwise, you’re just eating to eat. And that’s just sad.

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