There’s Something About Maybe

There’s something about maybe that sends us into another realm of possibilities. Because maybe we want to believe that maybe has magical abilities of turning the impossible into possible. Or maybe, we like it because it is ambiguous and vague. And maybe we like mysteries.

So far you and I have had a conversation about food, passion, and libraries. We didn’t just have a conversation- we danced. I threw some words out there, and you danced to the beat. Sometimes I take great big leaps from one thing to the next, and sometimes you are dancing faster than I. But we danced, and I loved every minute of it. It has perfect rhythm-that is the power of words, to make music where there was once silence.


But back to the point of maybe. We all create lists of things that are maybe in our lives.  So I made a list of things I want to see happen. Maybe.

1. Maybe Bon Appetit will hire me to write about food and awesomeness. Please let this maybe turn to definitely 🙂

2. Maybe President Obama will want to meet with me to discuss literature in America. Or, White House food. Or, politics. Or, um… anything will do.

3. Maybe I will uncover the lost scrolls of the Alexandria library, but then in a surprising twist, I accidentally uncover a secret Egyptian code that brings mummies to life. And then I must save the world from mummies with the help of my awesome celebrity friends, Hugh Jackman as Wolverine and Matt Damon as Matt Damon.

4. Maybe I will bump into Morgan Freeman, and he will befriend me over a pricey but delectable dinner. And we will best friends forever. This is completely normal, um… hello Morgan Freeman played GOD, and the President of the United States.

5. Maybe while working in the library late at night, I will find a portal that transports me to another world where I must find and destroy an evil Ring in the fires of Mount Doom. I will also be a lithe elf with a very hot yet rugged future King of Gondor at my side.

6. Maybe Cameron Diaz and I will trade places for a week, and then some magical self discovery will happen. I will overcome my inadequacies, embrace my idiosyncrasies, and I will scream at the top of my longs, I HAVE GUMPTION. I maybe stole this from a movie too….

7. Maybe when I graduate I will find a job that pays well. Maybe that job will be the job of my dreams. See #1 for full description of dream job.

8. Maybe I will write an amazing book of ideas, and then I will be able to pay back all of my student loans. Only then to travel the world so I can remain in a state of debt.

9. Maybe I will end up in a one-hour episode of 24. In this episode I must use my knowledge of food and literature to help Jack Bauer stop a deranged literature obsessed terrorist chef that wants to decimate the United States with poisoned fois gras. It will be presented in real time….


10. Maybe I will meet the man of my dreams, and we can solve a mystery about the founding fathers that were Masons, and also find an immaculate treasure. Our adventure will bring us closer together so that in our next adventure, we can move around each other seamlessly while destroying an army of killer robots.

11. Maybe I will play Serena and Venus Williams in a match, and I will win. Or maybe I will just get to play them and lose badly which is maybe what would happen if I did play them.

12. Maybe Beyonce will teach me to dance like her, and then I will be a dance superstar named Allie-Twista.

13. Maybe I will be on an episode of Ace of Cakes, and I can make this awesome cake that looks like the secret library in Alexandria. (I had to tie these themes together one more time)

14. Maybe I will become a librarian during the daytime, and during the night, I will be the leading crime fighter part of a secret society called the Literati . I will save the city of Litham from my evil arch nemesis, the Bookler. The Bookler is super evil and bent on creating chaos by giving children poor literature…

15. Maybe I will have my own cooking show, where all of my friends and celebrity chefs will come on, and we can make tasty meals that indulge the palate with wholesome yummy goodness. It will be super funny, witty, and colorful, and I will have the catch phrase of  “let’s get our cook on!” Or “isn’t cooking together fun?” Or “SHA-BOOP!”

So that’s my list of maybe for now. Maybe some of these things will happen, but then again maybe not. Good luck on your lists of maybe, share if you want to- I always like to know what other people maybe want to happen. I look forward to writing next time about distant places and the food you can find there.

Until next time…. XOXO

Allie 3ohcoveryg91

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4 Responses to There’s Something About Maybe

  1. Nicole says:


  2. alliedow says:

    um YEAH

  3. Diana says:

    I love your list. You know, I almost met Matt Damon when I was in New York. But that’s another story.

  4. Kristin says:

    Hey. I didn’t know you had a blog too. Come see mine!

    3. Can I go with you? We can be the dynamic duo!
    10. So basically Nicholas Cage is your dream man?
    15. I think I should not be on your show cooking with you. Based on past experiences that is. “How many eggs do we need?” “Three……..why are you counting?!!!! It’s three!” ::shakes head::

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