The Skinny on Fat

So I, Allie Dow, am living a life very similar to the lives of my ancestors. Somewhat similar. Kind of in a way that when we are alive, we live. Make sense? Probably not. But what I’m saying is- how easy is it to live a life that your ancestors lived? People are way different. The earth is drastically different. Technology is out of this world. Literally. But food, it can be the same if you spend a lot of money to buy all natural, whole and yummy food. It’s true. I read a book, as well as knowing A LOT, about food. This author (I forgot his name, I remember there was lettuce on the cover of the book though… or maybe some kind of green vegetable) wrote that if you can eat like the way your great-great grandmother ate, then you too could be healthy and weigh a healthy amount.

So what’s the skinny on good food? Why is it so expensive? The answer is- amazing real food is hard to come by these days in America. Look at inner city living and the effect this has on the population; over-processed food sold in conveniently placed “convenient” stores at a pricey rate will drive inner city population to obesity. That’s right I said it. Convenient stores rarely sell natural foods or produce, and what else is available for inner city families? So they turn to mac ‘n’ cheese, oodles of noodles, and oreos. They cannot get outside of the city to a supermarket, and some cannot afford to either. This is a weird reversal- which goes to my first point. We can’t live like our ancestors. A sign of wealth back in the day was weight- it said “Hey I can afford good food. I eat deliciously!” Now, a sign of wealth is getting to and from a grocery store where you buy food that is healthy for you so you can lose weight. Meanwhile, less fortunate friends eat what they can; the cheapest food which is the worse. So then they are the heavy ones, and the rich are the skinny. Now this isn’t true in every instance. But you understand what I am saying?





You may be asking, what’s with the rant Allie? Well, I’ll tell you what. We look at magazines, billboards, commercials on TV, every celebrity excepting very few, and the visions of societal norm. And all you see is skinny. It’s a sea of skinny. What happened to the healthy, happy folk that graced our TV screens a long time ago? Marilyn Monroe was not a stick like these “celebrity” women wafting (yes I said wafting) into our peripherals now. The pressure is on.

We have to be THIS way to be accepted. We need money to be THIS way. If we can’t, we are doomed to sadness. Or feeling like we have to diet all the time, portion every meal, count the points of everything we do eat, and fit into a “reasonable” size. And what is reasonable? 12-14 for American women, 14-16 for Australian women, 10-12 England… to name a few. That’s not including vanity sizing, or the fact that UK sizes have a higher number for our lower number- our 4 is their 6. But I would be lying if I said these average sizes are “reasonable.” These sizes are not on TV, and when skinnies encounter a woman this size, (i.e. Elizabeth Hurley and her opinion of Marilyn Monroe) they think, wow, this woman is fat. Why is that?

So the last part of my rant takes on one more JERKISH thing- fast food. Why on earth are the new commercials for fast food targeting inner city ethinic populations that have a higher rate of heart disease? WHY? First you point out how cheap your food is, and next you point out how culturally acceptable it is to eat. You have fans, but now you are really trying to kill people. I know you are trying to make money, fast food industry, but this is a low blow. I seriously want everyone to think about this. This is unacceptable and wrong.

Now, that my rant is done. I have this to say. I had so much fun writing this post! These are my opinions, not meant to discourage or enrage, but to be expressed. If you have an opinion on anything, leave a message. I’ll get back to you.

Until next time- XOXO-


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3 Responses to The Skinny on Fat

  1. Tom says:

    Really interesting blog thanks.

  2. Diana says:

    I totally agree with this post. And I find it so terribly frustrating and unfair that the food that is better for the environment and better for our bodies always costs more than the food with ingredients we can’t even pronounce.

  3. dave says:

    Was the book maybe In Defense of Food by Michael Pollan? Tremendous book. Pollan wrote an “Open Letter” to Obama last year and Obama mentioned Pollan and his column in a speech just before the election.

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