Further Tales

Food, cuisine, meals, appetizers, courses, crudites, dessert,  snacks, a quick bite, a little something…. There are so many ways to call the the substance of life a term of endearment…. I mean a term of entitlement. I’ll admit it, I love food. I am not talking about fast food, or bad food, I am talking about good food. I am talking about beautiful delectable creations that satisfy the palate. From something so simple as fried brie with peppercorn water crackers, to a brown butter cake topped with fresh berries and drizzled with a coconut sabayon or creme Anglaise, (I”m not picky) or maybe even a triple mousse Napoleon, I’m thinking mango, passionfruit and a light caramel, with a port reduction… the are no limits. Food is limitless, timeless, and best of all, shameless. We all have to eat…. 

You may be asking, what does this have to do with library science. The answer is simple: passion. Food is the creation of passion. And library science is the profession of the passionate.  Think about it, librarians are not celebrities, we are the unacknowledged workers that perform some major important tasks. But the gist is, passion should be prevalent in everything we do. Living life in the pursuit of happiness requires all the passion we can muster. 

So now you know, I am passionate about library science, and most definitely about food. I am also quite a big fan of music (Has anyone heard the new Bird and the Bee album?  It is so much fun!)  And from my earlier post, you know I desire to be an adventurer; I guess you could say passion rules my life. Why shouldn’t it? 

This blog got me to thinking about how I write- I started worrying about what I am going to write about next and if you would like it. Which is why this blog begins like an episode of The Simpsons or The Family Guy; it starts off about something abstract and then makes sense after five minutes. Although does The Family Guy ever make sense? Moving on, the older you get the more you understand how little you know, but you begin to know yourself. It’s ok if you have friends that don’t agree with you about your life and how you should live it. It’s ok if you write like a crazy person and it’s definitely ok if you try to see the humor in everything. 




So the message of this post- enjoy food, find passion, and be you. Until next time. 

Allie Dow…. XOXO- did I steal that from Gossip Girl?

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3 Responses to Further Tales

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  2. Nicole says:

    You SOO stole that from gossip girl.. haha.. and well done protege… love it.. passion rules everything..without it who are we really??!!

  3. kittyscreations says:

    I am totally with you in a passion for good food. Eating a well prepared meal with fresh ingredients is an experience; eating cheap fast food on the go is simply consuming. We all have to eat, so we might as well be putting good and tasty things into our bodies.

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