The Beginning….

 The Truth About a Library School Student

     I remember a day in second grade, a very long time ago,  when our teacher asked all of us to draw what we wanted to be in life. I saw pictures of teachers, astronauts, ballerinas, movie stars, and firefighters. I, of course, picked no such thing. I chose to be an Adventurer, and oddly not much has changed since then. I still want to be an Adventurer, and every Adventurer needs to know Library & Information Science first. That’s right, all Librarians have the ability to be an Adventurer, but only a few do…. 

       So to all my Library Science friends, fellow classmates, and co-workers, embrace the adventure that lies ahead of you in the library. Yet, even if you are studying Library Science; that doesn’t mean you are going to be working in the library. So just embrace the adventure that lies within our professions, and our learning or teaching. This is one of the oldest professions IN THE WORLD!



     That’s it for now…. Leave a comment if you please, I am sure I have a lot of wacky things to say, and I would love to hear what you think!!!

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One Response to The Beginning….

  1. Ernest Webster says:

    I am curious to know how the adventurer looked, that you drew.

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